BOOS Beach Club Restaurant, the Best Old House & Japanese Origami-Inspired Bar & Grill in Luxembourg

Yup, that title pretty much tells it; there’s more to discuss, though. There now exists a modern and contemporary building with a new and iconic design, replacing the rather older BOOS Beach Club bar and restaurant. The newsest part of the building resembles folded sheets of paper– as it was influenced by Japanese origami art — is actually integrated around the existing triangular-shaped home to exist with the old and open to the local suroundings. Continue reading “BOOS Beach Club Restaurant, the Best Old House & Japanese Origami-Inspired Bar & Grill in Luxembourg”

The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura

This house in La Prosperina in Guayaquil, Ecuador was designed and built by Juan Solis Orellana and Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura for a young 30-year-old divorced man with three children (who occasionally visit him). The owner looked at his monthly stipend from the Ecuadorian state and his basic salary, and found it difficult to improve his housing situation. This is because the house he’s lived in for thirty years had encountered physical problems that come with older homes in which time just passed them by. The house rests on a lot 4.80 m wide by 20 m deep given by his grandfather. Given his circumstances, the family decided to raise money in order to improve the house. Continue reading “The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura”

The Cocoon House by Landmak Architecture

© Trieu Chien

The Cocoon House is a block in a row house in an expensive urban area in Vietnam that became neglected after the country’s economic crisis. Within regulations, the slope roof is a must when doing renovation, and since the old, existing house structure was clustered and complicated, the architecture firm  — Landmark Architecture –decided to add only one floor and one mezzanine. Continue reading “The Cocoon House by Landmak Architecture”

From a Mustard Lab to Call Center, Amazing what New Aesthetics can do…

Two weeks in a row, two works of architecture involving the repurposing of an existing building into another building, and this project is the conversion of a mustard laboratory in Dijon into  a Telecom call center.  The project architects, Dutch architecture firm MVRDV, had taken the New Aesthetic at full face value (as you can plainly see). Even though a problem with repurposing existing buildings is the possibility of the spaces being incapable of adapting to any new functions (regardless of building condition), the firm claimed that “the more reuse of the existing is possible the more budget is liberated for interventions.” That statement is made clear by the project’s 4 million euro budget (about $4.89 million), as the design strategy involved only minor changes to the existing exterior casing, and concentrated on almost entirely renovating the interior spaces.   Continue reading “From a Mustard Lab to Call Center, Amazing what New Aesthetics can do…”

Add Experience Points to a Wall Outlet by adding USB Functionality

YOUR WALL SOCKET HAS EVOLVED (yes, I used to play “Pokemon”…)

While taking a stroll through the good old interwebz, I came across a blog that I have become very interested and fond of, Apartment Therapy.  At Apartment Therapy, there are a plethora of strategies, tips & tricks on how to best optimize your experience of living in an apartment and/or smaller rental (or owned) house.  Nowadays with a ever-growing number of electronic gadgets, it often seems like there’s not enough outlets to cater to these devices (most of which only need a USB port without a wall outlet).   Continue reading “Add Experience Points to a Wall Outlet by adding USB Functionality”