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A Redditor’s Video on the Evolution of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Relationship…

Some things just don’t last, and the same can be said about things involving the business of professional wrestling.  We CAN say that one of more enduring things in the WWE has been the relationship between Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Stephanie McMahon, two of the most powerful people (on-and-off-screen) behind the most powerful wrestling organization in the world. Over the years, these two (both as themselves and as on-screen characters) have gone through their fair share of ups-and-downs, personality changes, and senses of style. But let’s be honest, we ALL do; I used to think wearing oversized and baggy shirts and pants back in the early-to-mid 2000s was all the comfort I needed. Continue reading A Redditor’s Video on the Evolution of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Relationship…


Watch this ‘Destiny’ Player Win a 1-vs-3 Match Without Firing A Single Shot

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; BEHOLD, the mighty power of the Titan’s bubbles, brought to you from the good people of Reddit. Anyway, check out this incredible video of Destiny player fimi_sheikh take down an entire Trials team without firing a round from his gun. Explanation after the break: Continue reading Watch this ‘Destiny’ Player Win a 1-vs-3 Match Without Firing A Single Shot

So, Here’s EVERY ‘Bad Word’ You Can’t Use on 3DS

Man, if George Carlin had been around to see this…

Nintendo has had a profanity filter in place for their gaming systems for quite a long while now, even going so far as to end support and close the Swapnote app on the 3DS. Of course, because the internet, Redditor dolopodog has gone ahead and datamined the 3DS and found a full list of banned words in many, MANY languages, later posed on PasteBin by Redditor therevolution18. You can find all of these words here, but remember: You’ve been warned… Jeez, Nintendo thought of everything!

HEY! Someone Beat ‘Dark Souls’ Using Only The Power Of His Voice

It goes without saying that Dark Souls is a spirit-crushingly difficult game, and that would be correct because it’s intended to be that way. Rather than allowing players to easily cruise through the game’s single-player mode and enjoy the experience and take in the story and the graphics, but NO, you’re going to get distracted by the game killing you over and over.  The goal of Dark Souls is demanding the player to learn each enemy’s attack patterns and how to counter those attacks to defeat them, so button-mashers need not apply. But when it comes to this genius (or crazy) person, why need to press buttons at all? Continue reading HEY! Someone Beat ‘Dark Souls’ Using Only The Power Of His Voice

Gamer Beats Mega Man X and X2 At The SAME TIME…with the SAME Controller!

I guess SOMEONE has to keep the ‘Mega Man’ love going; Capcom sure isn’t doing anything so far…

It common knowledge in the retro-gaming community that beating either Mega Man X or Mega Man X 2 is a satisfying, yet difficult feat. Now, beating them both classic games at once? Now THAT’S pretty freaking amazing. NOW, beating them both at once using the SAME CONTROLLER? Well that’s just plain insane; in the membrane, even. Well, that’s exactly what YouTuber Aura Puffs (via Reddit) seems to be, as he complete both games simultaneously using the same Super Nintendo controller, WHILE collecting all X upgrades in each level. Above is the full nearly three-hour run below, or if you want a Michael Bay-esque experience you can skip to the 2:43:15 mark to see the end bosses from both games explode at the same time.

Oh dear God…

I hope I didn’t give Bay anymore movie ideas…. 😦

Tupac & Biggie Pancakes!

Courtesy of Redditor u/lolijane


Sooooo, Eiffel 65 sang a song about PlayStation?

It’s like the worst hits from my freshman year of high school are coming back to haunt me… Do any of you out there remember that group Eiffel 65 and their international sensation song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” back in 1999? You know, the song with the music video that looks like it was taken straight from a videogame? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, DID YOU KNOW…that that same Italian Eurodance group also put out a song about the original PlayStation? Yeah. That happened, and it’s FULL of name drops, which you’ll since in a sample of the lyrics after the break. Continue reading Sooooo, Eiffel 65 sang a song about PlayStation?

A Competition Where NO ONE WINS…

Drawn by Redditor u/phildesignart


How a Redditor Keeps Friends From Driving Home Drunk…

Courtesy of Redditor u/Schumannbr


A Proper Memorial for the PSP – WIRed #122

It’s time for Episode 122 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses China’s vertical, space-saving school, Windows 95 on Android Wear, a gamer’s PSP memorial, and Disney princesses head to the squared-circle! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading A Proper Memorial for the PSP – WIRed #122