Floating MP3Cassette Band Gems – WIRed #119


It’s time for Episode 119 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses floating architecture in Nigeria, how to hack an MP3 player and an old cassette tape, a Behind The Music style look at a Nintendo Rock Band, and some of the best matches on the WWE Network! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Floating MP3Cassette Band Gems – WIRed #119”

Al Jazeera’s “Rebel Architecture” showcases “Working on Water”

The last time we discussed Al Jazeera’s new series ‘Rebel Architecture’, the topic was on Spain’s ‘Guerilla Architect’, and this time, as we take a look back at the series, we’re gonna discuss architectural structures that float on water. It’s not quite walking on water, but it’ll do since this story in just incredibly interesting.  In Nigeria, architect Kunlé Adeyemi has been designing floating buildings in order to resolve overcrowding and flooding issues in the country’s waterside slums. Adeyemi states that he is “constantly inspired by solutions we discover in everyday life in the world’s developing cities.” However, despite his studio’s (NLÉ) easy-to-build, low-cost, sustainable floating building prototype and the praise and awards they have accumulated, Adeyemi continues to struggle getting construction approval from the local authorities.

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Guerrilla Smartglass & Cutesy Apple – WIRed #115


It’s time for Episode 115 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses Spain’s guerrilla architect, intuitive smartglass control, how Atari inspired Apple, and the world’s cutest WWE superfan! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Guerrilla Smartglass & Cutesy Apple – WIRed #115”

Al Jazeera’s ‘Rebel Architecture’ on Spain’s ‘Guerrilla Architect’

The first episode of Al Jazeera’s new series “Rebel Architecture” — featuring architects who use design as a form of resistance and activism — featured Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda. Based in Seville, Cirugeda reclaims abandoned urban spaces for the public, even though the act of “self-building” is very illegal in Spain. Cirugeda’s buildings serve a social function and are typically quickly-built and mobile structures created from recycled materials. Architecture being used as a social function is a quality that Santiago feels contemporary architecture has lost sight of in its obsession with the aesthetic. In the première episode of “Rebel Architecture”, the show looked at his latest project: a conversion of an abandoned cement factory into a vibrant cultural center, and the negotiations with the authorities to let his National Architects’ Collective turn it into a vibrant cultural centre. Continue reading “Al Jazeera’s ‘Rebel Architecture’ on Spain’s ‘Guerrilla Architect’”