These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.

Again, sorry about that pun; I’ve been watching “Batman & Robin” because I felt a need to punish myself. Anyways, we typically think of buildings being made of materials like concrete, brick, steel, and other things.  But what about ICE; you know frozen water?  I’m taking about entire structures made of the stone cold stuff, not some piece of novelty furniture or some bar you saw on television. Here are 5 of my favorite and extravagant complete ice structures found ACROSS THE WORLD!! Continue reading “These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.”

Le Massif de Charlevoix (my tongue hurts) Train Station mixes the Simple & Complex

The Le Massif de Charlevoix Train Station serves as an example (in my honest opinion) that sometimes combining complexity with simplicity is the way to go.  Built in the Petite-Rivière-Saint-François municipality in Quebec, Canada along the St. Lawrence River at the bottom of the Massif de Charlevoix mountain, the Grande Pointe railway station, designed by STGM Architectes, gives travelers of the brand new tourist train and shuttle service access to said mountain. The station integrates with the region’s unique landscape through its simple design, moderate scale, use of local materials, and essential relationship with the nearby river.   Continue reading “Le Massif de Charlevoix (my tongue hurts) Train Station mixes the Simple & Complex”