Did You Know You Could 3D-Print Metal?! Did You Know It’ll Be EASIER to 3D-Print Metal Thanks to Desktop Metal?!

Two Ex-Google Engineers Create Driverless Delivery Car Service

Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, who formerly worked as Lead Engineers at Google, have founded Nuro. The focus of their new company isn’t on reinventing public and large-cargo transportation, but on low-speed, local & last-mile deliveries or groceries, take-out orders (via Seamless) and laundry. Nuro’s goal is to automate these services to shoulder the quick increase in last-minute deliveries, while giving local businesses a boost to compete with Amazon (mainly their Prime Now service).

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There’s a New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Arcade Game on the Horizon…

Sometime last month, there was an announcement that a new TMNT arcade game was being developed (based on the recent Nickelodeon reincarnation),which would be featuring similar four-player co-op action that made Konami’s 1989 version and the Turtles in Time follow-up all-time classics. However, at the time of said announcement, there was no footage to compliment this (in the minds of TMNT fans and fans of fun video games) awesome bit of news. At least until now! Arcade Heroes spent some hands-on time with that game and captured a lot of gameplay footage, from a single player level (above), a level that could be played by three players (after the break), and Arcade Heroes hey also got to spend some hands-on time with the game, so you should check out their impressions here. Continue reading “There’s a New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Arcade Game on the Horizon…”

Sony FINALLY Releases Their 1970’s Console Prototype

Sony Never Released This 1970s Console Prototype

Many of us know (and believe) that the first video game console Sony made was the PlayStation. However, he truth is that the PlayStation was actually Sony’s first console that they released. It turns out that before the PlayStation (even before their ill-fated collaboration with Nintendo) was, this lovely piece of gaming tech. This console,simply labeled as “Prototype TV Game Machine”) used — or WOULD HAVE used — cards and cartridges, and since this console dates to the 1970’s, the games would have likely been relatively simple. However, if you want a Japanese write-up on the exhibition it was shown at, here you go. Continue reading “Sony FINALLY Releases Their 1970’s Console Prototype”

The Remote House sure is Remote… Makes Sense, I guess…

© Fernando Alda
© Fernando Alda

This prototype of architect Felipe Assadi’s transportable modular housing project in Pichicuy, La Ligua, Región de Valparaíso, Chile, is an 861 square foot home that was built to completion in that city in 45 days, moved to its final location in 4 hours, and installed on site in 6 hours. WOW! The house is made out of four identical modules, measuring at 3.5 by 6 meters, with a program that includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry with a washing machine, with a central living space, and a dining area with an integrated kitchen. Continue reading “The Remote House sure is Remote… Makes Sense, I guess…”

Here’s A Rare Prototype of the Sony Super Nintendo CD

We gamers and gaming hobbyists know the story: Nintendo partners with Sony to create a CD-ROM add-on to the Super Nintendo, Nintendo gets cold feet about the contract, Sony announces partnership with Nintendo, THEN Nintendo announces partnership with Sony’s rival, Philips, a spurned Sony goes on the create the legendary PlayStation console (arguably the greatest console in modern gaming history), and the Nintendo/Philips arrangement results in NO SNES CD console, 3 terrible Zelda games and an awful Mario game for the Philips CDi console. What’s a CDi, you ask? EXACTLY.  Anyway, just after the partnership termination with Nintendo, Sony went on to produce prototypes of the cancelled ‘Nintendo Play Station’ console that were eventually shelved. Recently, some guy has recently shown-off his newly acquired prototype of that console. Continue reading “Here’s A Rare Prototype of the Sony Super Nintendo CD”

Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game

Remember Primal Rage? The game with the killer, fighting dinosaurs? The one with the wonky control and combo scheme? The arcade and console software that was a direct result of the craze of motion-captured, violent fighting games stemming from the original Mortal Kombat?  Or that game where the main interesting thing was watching the losing dinosaur’s brain deflate and heart explode upon defeat?  If you remember all that to a “T,”  please GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Anyway, its sequel, Primal Rage 2, is one of those mythical cancelled games that has many rumors and legends surrounding its life and eventual death, and now we finally get a glimpse at what it could have looked like.   Continue reading “Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game”

The Water Villa! It’s a Villa…on the Water…so…YEAH!

Here is the Water Villa in Amsterdam, a prototype house from Framework Architects+Studio, which showcases the central relationship between water and home – which makes sense considering the name “Water Villa”. The house displays a playful relationship between the open and closed areas of the home. The home’s pattern is designed vertically, operating as an abstract allusion to the surrounding water, which provides optimal privacy and allows natural light inside the house itself. Residents will be able to control their privacy by an integrated folding window (controlled by a remote control).   Continue reading “The Water Villa! It’s a Villa…on the Water…so…YEAH!”