The Notorious B.I.G.’s: Blacks In Gaming

Warren Spector. Randy Pitchford. Will Wright.  What doe these gaming gods have in common.

What? NO, the answer has nothing to do with them NOT being black.  They all wear glasses. Geez people, I thought we didn’t look at each other based on race.

Anyway, Blacks In Gaming is an organization (with sponsorship backing from Microsoft) that plans to involve itself in new projects, tech, local chapters, up and coming entrepreneurial ventures, collaborative networking and gaming curriculums in schools and universities.  BIG members are gaming industry professionals who voluntarily give their time to share their experiences and insight to their exciting careers.  Although it can be difficult to get into the gaming industry, BIG feels that their involvement in the process could break through those barriers. Their mission is to provide support to anyone who wants to be part of the gaming industry (gamers included) via various networking opportunities, outreach programs, mentorships, and entrepreneurships.   Continue reading “The Notorious B.I.G.’s: Blacks In Gaming”

Old-School Professional Wrestling Event Posters; Listen, You Pencil-Necked Geeks!!

Did you get the reference in the title of this post? “Classy” Freddie Blassie FOR THE WIN!!

Let’s reminisce and go back to the days of when advertising posters for live professional wrestling events were simple, to-the-point, and weren’t focused on a single wrestler.  Back in the day when the poster designers used the simplest of typography strategies to establish the show’s (and the poster’s) hierarchy — which may look ugly to some — that works in its own vintage, antique-style way. Either way, here’s a trip via the way-back time machine called “The Internet,” and I hope you enjoy this series of classic professional wrestling posters!

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Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Absolute Intern” Online Reality Show

Whenever the terms “reality television” and “professional wrestling” come together, the first thing that usually comes to mind would be the successful Tough Enough series from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  From it’s original run on MTV from 2001 to 2003 (not counting the competition on WWE Smackdown — sans its own show — in 2004), and it’s revival last year on the USA Network, the … Continue reading Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Absolute Intern” Online Reality Show

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