Comedian & Pro Wrestling Fan Ron Funches talks about Enrolling in Pro Wrestling School on CONAN

You may have seen Ron Funches on NBC’s Undateable or on Comedy Central’s @midnight, and if you’ve ever seen/heard his stand-up you’d know that he’s a longtime fan of  professional wrestling. He even has a great bit about how to handle people who tell him wrestling is fake (because OF COURSE the fans already know it’s scripted and predetermined), and, to be hones, it’s a really good retort for keeping the “Negative Nancys” and those drunk off “haterade” at bay.  However, Ron is taking his love for the medium to an whole ‘nutha level by actually taking pro wrestling classes, and he explains on Conan, (in the above video) why he’s doing it. Continue reading “Comedian & Pro Wrestling Fan Ron Funches talks about Enrolling in Pro Wrestling School on CONAN”

What Is Independent Pro Wrestling….AND MEMES!

The Stars of Tomorrow, Showcases Their Talents Today.  In professional wrestling, the independent circuit or “indy circuit” refers to the many independent promotions that are much smaller than major televised promotions. Essentially the indies are roughly analogous to the minor league for pro wrestling.  The advent of the Internet (namely blogs and online video services) has allowed independent wrestlers and promotions to reach a wider audience (a far cry from the days of tape trading), and nowadays it’s possible for wrestlers regularly working the indy circuit to gain a larger and more substantial fanbase online. Plus, some of the more successful indies have video distribution deals (i.e., Ring of Honor, River City Wrestling, IWA, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, etc.), giving them an additional source of income and allowing them greater exposure and reach to a larger audience outside of their local areas. Continue reading “What Is Independent Pro Wrestling….AND MEMES!”

MIT’s “The Black Architect’s Journey” Conference on Architecture, Race and Academe

Architecture and planning dean Adele Santos, left: Ted Landsmark, director of Boston Architectural College, center, and Ho Yung Chang, architecture department head, welcomed participants to ‘Architecture Race Academe: The Black Architect’s Journey.’
[Photo / Donna Coveney]
Back at MIT in March of 2007, almost 80 people gathered for a 1-1/2 day conference hosted by the MIT College of Architecture to discuss why only 1% of AIA members are black and why there are fewer than five black professors full-time at major architecture schools in the country.  Just to show how dedicated, tough, and COMPLETELY BOSS these guests and panelists were, they didn’t allow a late-winter blizzard (that shut down most of the airports in Boston) stop them.   Continue reading “MIT’s “The Black Architect’s Journey” Conference on Architecture, Race and Academe”

WWE Ranks it’s Top 15 World Heavyweight Champions

Even though the history of the “Big Gold” World Heavyweight Title Belt goes back to the days of the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling, the WWE wants to pay tribute to the title that has been in the company since the title’s reintroduction into the WWE 10 years ago (yeah, THAT long ago) in August 2002 (during the initial brand division, and Brock Lesnar taking the WWE Championship to SmackDown).
Continue reading “WWE Ranks it’s Top 15 World Heavyweight Champions”

Follow the “Pro Wrestling Is Art” Tumblr Blog! NOW!!

Much like how most people look at ballet, a Broadway show, a film or photography, professional wrestling is very much an art form in its own (or any) right.  This photoblog on Tumblr, Pro Wrestling Is Art, is a collection of beautiful photography from various professional wrestling shows from around the world. The blog is a child project of, and its purpose is to highlight the beauty of the art form of pro wrestling and the photographers that capture the many moments of the in-ring (and out-of-ring) action.   Continue reading “Follow the “Pro Wrestling Is Art” Tumblr Blog! NOW!!”

Old-School Professional Wrestling Event Posters; Listen, You Pencil-Necked Geeks!!

Did you get the reference in the title of this post? “Classy” Freddie Blassie FOR THE WIN!!

Let’s reminisce and go back to the days of when advertising posters for live professional wrestling events were simple, to-the-point, and weren’t focused on a single wrestler.  Back in the day when the poster designers used the simplest of typography strategies to establish the show’s (and the poster’s) hierarchy — which may look ugly to some — that works in its own vintage, antique-style way. Either way, here’s a trip via the way-back time machine called “The Internet,” and I hope you enjoy this series of classic professional wrestling posters!

Continue reading “Old-School Professional Wrestling Event Posters; Listen, You Pencil-Necked Geeks!!”

Vikings’ Adrian Peterson Rehabs using Specially-Designed Videogames

Adrian Peterson, superstar running back for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, suffered a torn ACL injury in last December, near the end of the regular season. As part of Peterson’s rehab regiment, he played Wii Fit and other games that are specially designed to regain strength and balance.   Continue reading “Vikings’ Adrian Peterson Rehabs using Specially-Designed Videogames”

The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

Despite a faulty camera, a day of lost work, and computer issues, here is the debut episode of “The PractitioNERD Show.” After a brief introduction to myself and the blog, I’ll discuss : 1) Architecture ~Fundraiser to publish a book about London’s Art Deco architecture ( ~A beautiful Brazilian bungalow getaway house ( 2) Technology/Gadgets ~A CPU fan/heatsink combo ( ~A DIY HDTV Antenna ( … Continue reading The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

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A Sneak Peak At The New WWE Championship Belt!

Well, I’ve finally done it. After ranting about the WWE Championship needing a complete design change last summer, The PractitioNERD has changed the entire landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment and the world of professional wrestling!!!  Well, not really, but I just wanted to take a short ego-trip; don’t worry, I’m returning to reality now 😉

Continue reading “A Sneak Peak At The New WWE Championship Belt!”

PUNK vs. BRYAN for the WWE Title at WWE Over The Limit

Indeed, on Sunday May 20th, Christmas will be coming early this year.

To the involved and dedicated wrestling fans, or “smart marks” (a.k.a. “smarks”),we felt that a championship match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (or “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson) was destined to happen; it would just be a matter of time. Both wrestlers had made names for themselves on the hard-knock independent wrestling circuit (including stints in Ring of Honor) all over the world.  Punk and Bryan both have old-school wrestling backgrounds and styles, making them among the purest of athletes and finest technicians in the business (something that not as common nowadays). Both of their world title reigns were possibly the most dominant and popular in late-2011 to early-2012. Finally, in three short weeks at WWE Over the Limit, they will both meet again, but this time a world title will be on the line. Continue reading “PUNK vs. BRYAN for the WWE Title at WWE Over The Limit”