The EX¹; In Case You Want To Print a Circuit Board to a Shirt!

And now we return to the world of Kickstarter! The team behind this, The EX¹ Robot, hopes to eliminate the old and tired processes of dealing with nasty chemicals and long shipping periods from China when creating and crafting PCBs.  This robot creates a new fabrication process that’s as easy as printing something with an inkjet printer; all you need is any piece of substrate – from Kapton to acrylic to fabric – and a few moments later you got yourself a single-sided PCB.  This is quite the change in the PCB fabrication process; the biggest probably since the change from black tape on clear acetate sheets to make single layer PCBs to drafting a PCB layer in CAD software. Continue reading “The EX¹; In Case You Want To Print a Circuit Board to a Shirt!”

Developer Hacks Microwave with Raspberry Pi to Create AWESOMENESS!

You know, microwaves have been relatively unchanged since their original inception.  I mean, sure knobs changed to buttons, an LCD display was added, and the inclusion for preset heating durations made microwave use more convenient, but since we live in a world of computers, tablets, smartphones (where even REFRIGERATORS have built-in screens/tablets), the microwave gets ignored like the toaster; and it’s 2013! Until now. Developer Nathan Broadbent hacked his microwave to include voice commands, the ability to scan barcodes for pre-set cooking times and a self-setting clock! All thanks to his regular microwave and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Continue reading “Developer Hacks Microwave with Raspberry Pi to Create AWESOMENESS!”