Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game

Remember Primal Rage? The game with the killer, fighting dinosaurs? The one with the wonky control and combo scheme? The arcade and console software that was a direct result of the craze of motion-captured, violent fighting games stemming from the original Mortal Kombat?  Or that game where the main interesting thing was watching the losing dinosaur’s brain deflate and heart explode upon defeat?  If you remember all that to a “T,”  please GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Anyway, its sequel, Primal Rage 2, is one of those mythical cancelled games that has many rumors and legends surrounding its life and eventual death, and now we finally get a glimpse at what it could have looked like.   Continue reading “Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game”


This past Saturday, March 31, I was able to attend the 8-BIT ARCADE! (LEVEL 2) event at the White Rabbit in San Antonio, hosted by ARTSLAM! San Antonio, and sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Montana.  The premise for the event is to bring back the memories of childhood from going to the arcade, spending quarters upon quarters of our allowance money (or cash from our parents), learning team-building strategies from classic arcade co-op games like “The Simpsons,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time,” or “X-Men” with friends and complete strangers.  Man, those were the days; too bad arcades (on a large scale) are pretty much dead in America (and NO, Dave & Busters does NOT count).

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