Check out This Week’s “Countdown City Wrestle-Cast” to preview ‘Hell In A Cell 2018’! I’M ON IT!

This week, joined my buddies J.C., Tina, and Jericho as a guest on episode 5 of the “Countdown City Wrestle-Cast” to preview WWE Hell in a Cell — live this Sunday at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX — as well as this year’s Mixed Match Challenge, and heap on the big ol’ CONGRATULATIONS to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks for the awesome … Continue reading Check out This Week’s “Countdown City Wrestle-Cast” to preview ‘Hell In A Cell 2018’! I’M ON IT!

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Tesla Powerwall Home Installs are Beginning for Pilot Customers

As part of their mass conspiracy to take over the world  (something, something, something…), Tesla has begun shipping 7kWh stationary Powerwalls batteries so that their pilot customers in North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Australia can install them in their homes.  Since the batteries are designed for daily power cycling, they’ll likely need to be installed in homes equipped with solar panels. This would allow owners to power their homes at night with power collected by solar panels to the Powerwall during the daylight hours. Continue reading “Tesla Powerwall Home Installs are Beginning for Pilot Customers”

The Best Review for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’…ugh.

File:AliensColonialMarinesBox.pngOh boy, now we’re talking about this one. It’s no question that the biggest disappointment in gaming from 2013 was the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. After more than a decade in development and suffering through delays, layoffs, cancellations and un-cancellations (if that’s even a word; I don’t know), the game still looked very promising in preview screenshots, videos and gameplay; heck, I got to play a preview version of the game at the GameStop Expo in 2012, and it was wonderful.  Then, the game came out. The game included numerous bugs, bad ally and enemy A.I., unbalanced gameplay, low quality graphics in the single-player game, a crude and poorly implemented co-op multiplayer mode, and lack of a continuity with the Alien films (despite the developer’s claims that the game is supposed to be canon to the films). However, a Steam user essentially wrote a review describing his feelings on the game, and it’s by far the best review I’ve read of the game. Continue reading “The Best Review for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’…ugh.”

Broadcom’s New Gigabit-Speed WiFi; BEHOLD THE POWER!!

Wireless card manufacturer Broadcom just released the news of their first gigabit Wi-Fi cards that  are reportedly up to three times faster and six times more efficient than WiFi cards that are already available.  They plan on revealing the new technology at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.Their new 802.11ac chips are based on 5G WiFi, the soon-to-be next generation standard of Wi-Fi. The three (3) chips in particular … Continue reading Broadcom’s New Gigabit-Speed WiFi; BEHOLD THE POWER!!

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