The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)

© George Henrich

When explaining some of the features of their Week’nder building, located in Ashland County, Wisconsin, design firm Lazor Office states that the structure opens and closes, as the façades transition from transparent and bright to dark and opaque as you transverse around the exterior or the interior. The wood (plywood and pine) and steel (corrugated and smooth) supported building’s design and construction is based on two prefabricated modules delivered by truck and ferries, minimal concrete for foundation and bottle jacks instead of a crane. The combined parallel modules contained the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and additional infrastructure, and were joined together with a shared gable roof that itself created an shared and tent-like “dry-space”. The aforementioned design and structural materials give the weekend getaway cabin a rustic feel, as well as a additionally balanced coordination of various colors and textures. Continue reading “The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)”

This Prefab Portable Home is Nicer Than Your Prefab Portable Home…

These prefabricated houses made at northern Spain’s CNC (computer numerical control) mill factory are called “ÁPH80,” and are designed by architect Camino Alonso, the co-owner of architectural firm Ábaton. The prefab homes are compact 29.5 by 9.84 feet units that can be carried inside a truck and deployed to the final (read temporary) site wtithin 20 minutes. The houses themselves are made of CNC-milled grey cement-board panels that are then locked together, providing a “sleek exterior” while still featuring a ventilated façade.  The layers contained on the exterior come with 10 centimeters of insulation to make the prefab home thermally efficient—which is useful for those who wish to be “off the grid” — so even without an air conditioning unit on a very hot Madrid day, the home’s interior stays relatively cool. Continue reading “This Prefab Portable Home is Nicer Than Your Prefab Portable Home…”

Prefab Project: A Zaha Hadid & Pharrell Williams Collabo?!?

When looking up the terms “Star-Kitect” and “Rock Star Architect,” it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see a picture of Zaha Hadid.  News of her design for the vacation home for model Naomi Campbell (located just outside of Moscow) went viral almost instantly, and Glamor Magazine named her “Woman of the Year.”   Hadid’s latest project to catch wind on the internet is her collaboration with musician & author (and aspiring designer) Pharrell Williams, best known as half of the music production team The Neptunes (a favorite of mine) and one-third of the genre-bending music group N.E.R.D. (“Nobody Ever Really Dies”; another favorite of mine).   Continue reading “Prefab Project: A Zaha Hadid & Pharrell Williams Collabo?!?”