At #CES2018, ‘Retron’-maker Hyperkin showed off its Game Boy Clone System

With the influx of cloned retro systems (standard-sized and micro-sized), this has become a great way to experience — for the first time ever or in a while — older games on newer hardware.  Via a report from Gizmodo, Hyperkin, the makers of the Retron 5, unveiled their clone system to the popular Nintendo Game Boy, temporarily called the “Ultra Game Boy”; that will DEFINITELY be renamed for trademark and copyright reasons (because DUH). However, that codename is a great description of Hyperkin’s hardware, which aims to improve on Nintendo’s original Game Boy in many ways that won’t impede on the system’s classic gameplay. In yet, they DID release their take on the original Xbox’s “Duke” controller because REASONS…
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This Folding House by Architect Renato Vidal Can Be Built in SIX HOURS!

This is the M.A.Di., or Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile, a new model of housing that is actually a folding and transportable house that can be put together in only six hours with only three people. Renato Vidal designed this model, which was built with safe and high-quality materials, including wood veneer lined exterior walls (the required standard in Italy) anti-siesmic certificate. There are some customizable models for you to choose from, with some of the most basic models coming with toilets, fully furnished kitchens, and technical installations like water and electrical systems.

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Astell & Kern’s $999 ‘heavyweight portable media player’ Kann; no, that’s NOT a typo…

Astell & Kern’s newest portable music player (or PMP with no “I”; sorry 50) — the $999 Kann — is out now, and for a portable media player, it has some pretty impressive modern-day inclusions.  This fact is interesting since most high-end portable music players are slow to included extra bells-and-whistles, if at all.  Not only is the Kann huge — it’s just over an inch thick (25.6mm) and weighs over half a pound (278.7g) — it includes a massive 6000mAh battery (for a supposed battery life of 14 hours), an integrated powered headphone amp, and both micro SD and full-size SD card slots. Keep in mind, this thing IS ONE-THOUSAND DOLLARS. Continue reading “Astell & Kern’s $999 ‘heavyweight portable media player’ Kann; no, that’s NOT a typo…”

Dsignedby’s ‘Kitch’T,’ the Space-Saving, Movable, All-in-One, Designer Kitchen island!

Howdy Mr. and/or Ms. Minimalist! Are you short on space, but you still want a cool, trendy designer kitchen? If so, I think that you should keep Dsignedby‘s award-winning Kitch’T all-in-one wooden kitchen in mind AND on your radar. The Serbian brand Dsignedby had their kitchen island on display at the Belgrade Furniture Fair roughly a week ago and was featured by Dezeen. Continue reading “Dsignedby’s ‘Kitch’T,’ the Space-Saving, Movable, All-in-One, Designer Kitchen island!”

Sega Game Gear – Doc’D #47

In this video game-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, features, and lasting legacy of Sega’s Game Gear portable video game system.
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Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!

There's a 12-Inch Keyboard Inside This 8-Inch Laptop

Japan’s King Jim has found a clever way to make its Portabook XMC10 laptop even smaller than the smallest Macbook available. The ultra-compact laptop—powered by Windows 10 with a 2.4GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage and an 8-inch display— but the most interesting feature is the 12-inch folding keyboard. Yes, a 12-inch keyboard THAT FOLD so it can be stored with it’s computer with ONLY an 8-inch display. Like, WHOA!  Continue reading “Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!”

Watch this Tiny Toolbox TRANSFORM into an ENTIRE Woodshop!

This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into an Entire Woodshop

OK everyone, it’s time for a survey. I want to know who hasn’t channeled surfed onto an episode of This Old House, House Crashers or Holmes on Homes on a lazy weekend afternoon and dreamed of being as skilled a woodworker as those show’s hosts?  The problem for many people is — other than skill-set — that their tiny apartments or cluttered homes do not have enough room for a workshop. But don’t worry, it appears that this problem might have finally been solved with this awesome toolbox from Hammacher Schlemmer that transforms into almost any woodworking tool you could need. Continue reading “Watch this Tiny Toolbox TRANSFORM into an ENTIRE Woodshop!”

The Walkman – Doc’D #14

In this month’s technology-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, the awesomeness and the legacy of the Sony Walkman. Continue reading “The Walkman – Doc’D #14”

Advanced Pro Wrestling Studies – WIRed #124

It’s time for Episode 124 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a Habitat house that surpasses design and sustainability standards, Google throws its cap on the USB Security Key hat-rack, a portable laptop version of the PlayStation 4, and SCIENCE reveals why people love pro wrestling! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.
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