Famous vs. Infamous- Rant N’ Resolve #4


Are people confusing being popular for being famous, or are people confusing being infamous as being famous.  Well, this month on Rant N’ Resolve, I tackle the problem of people being terrible to themselves and others, but thinking that they are famous, when actually they are becoming infamous (and that’s not a good thing; that’s a bad thing).

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Love To Hate Them: WWE Most Popular and Beloved Heels, EVER!

What’s a heel? Well, in the world of professional wrestling, a heel (or villain  bad guy, ne’er-do-well) typically does things so dastardly and despicable that makes the fans boo, yell and shout insults in their general direction. However, often many fans still enjoy seeing these guys regardless of their attempts to gain negative heat from the crowd. Throughout the history of pro wrestling there hasn’t really been any particular wrestler who was 100% loved of hated (look at John Cena and CM Punk now-a-days), however, in the case of a few heels, many fans love them more than they’re intended to.   Continue reading “Love To Hate Them: WWE Most Popular and Beloved Heels, EVER!”