Ted Dabney, Atari co-founder, passes away at 81

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This past weekend, Samuel “Ted” Dabney, electronics engineer and co-founder of legendary studio Atari, passed away at the age of 81. The sad news was broken by his friend and gaming historian Leonard Herman. Continue reading “Ted Dabney, Atari co-founder, passes away at 81”

+Node, DIY Batteries, Mind-Controlled PONG & The Sportatorium – WIRed #54


This week’s slightly-ranty episode of WIRed discusses a Japanese home dividing nature and suburbs, how to make custom AC-powered batteries for battery-only devices, mind-controlled PONG leading to usage for the World Cup (WHAT?), and memories of the Dallas Sportatorium. Continue reading “+Node, DIY Batteries, Mind-Controlled PONG & The Sportatorium – WIRed #54”

Mind-Controlled Pong To Hopefully Make World Cup Kickoff

Being able to control video games with your own brainwaves is a vogue research subject; Atari attempted something like it with the Mindlink peripheral back in the day (but it actually only read one’s muscle movements via infrared sensors and transferred them as movement in the game). Currently, a research team is applying this method for use in competitive gaming—namely the classic game, Pong—and their goal is to allow a paralyzed person to be able to make the ceremonial kickoff of the upcoming 2014 World Cup of soccer (or football) in Brazil. Continue reading “Mind-Controlled Pong To Hopefully Make World Cup Kickoff”

Ralph Baer: The Man Who Invented Video Games

What we’re gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back into time. Back to time before pouring hours into Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, getting called expletives in Call of Duty (and Halo– any Halo — as a matter of fact), there was legendary game Pong. Even BEFORE Pong there was a game simply titled Tennis, also known as Cartridge 3 for the world’s first commercial home video game console,  the Magnavox Odyssey, created by inventor Ralph Baer. In the early year’s of the console’s existence  Baer developed the first working prototype of the Odyssey, simply nicknamed the “Brown Box,” in 1968, and became available in the market four years later, and began console gaming as we know it today.   Continue reading “Ralph Baer: The Man Who Invented Video Games”

New School & Old School: Full Body Pong, Arkanoid AND Asteroids!

In the world of gaming, we have transitioned from traditional gaming controllers to full-body controllers (like the SEGA Activator; ugh), then back to game controllers and then back to full-body and motion controllers (Wii-mote, PS Move & Kinect), and back once again to traditional game controllers.  It’s fair to say that motion-related gaming has had some difficulty gaining traction, but it’s also fair to say that people are still trying to improve on the technology.  At this years JAEPO arcade game expo, a very creative game called e Sports Ground was shown off.  The game has you use your body as the controller (YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER) alongside a series of motion tracking cameras and projectors that transforms the floor into the game screen.  

Continue reading “New School & Old School: Full Body Pong, Arkanoid AND Asteroids!”