LEGO Houses Tire Monitor GB Photo SuperHart – WIRed #101

It’s time for Episode One-Hundred and One (sorry, no dalmatians….THIS time) of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a LEGO set that’s actually under construction, an automatic tire maintenance system, professional Game Boy camera photography, and David Hart Smith, the world’s newest superhero! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “LEGO Houses Tire Monitor GB Photo SuperHart – WIRed #101”

Episode F-I-F-T-Y!!! FIFTY!!! – WIRed #50

PractitioNERD WIRed has crossed the half-century mark! Thanks to the subscribers, viewers, likers, dislikers, commenters, EVERYONE! This week I talk about an interesting apartment complex that’s more than meets the eye, a Bluetooth keyless home lock system, LAPD SWAT pays a game studio a visit, and the infamous “Black Saturday” incident. Interwebz drinks are on MEEEEEE!!! Continue reading “Episode F-I-F-T-Y!!! FIFTY!!! – WIRed #50”

A New Use for VHS Tapes…Coffee Tables!!!

With the rise in digital media and the popularity of tangible video media through DVD and Blu-ray (and even HD-DVD for the stubborn), the VHS just cannot compete with the aforementioned digital media in terms of picture quality or audio fidelity.  However, the VHS  has a great sense of nostalgia; recording you favorite TV shows and movies for the first time, watching home movies, and the memories entangled with that feel, magic, and soul that good old analog-technology can provide. Continue reading “A New Use for VHS Tapes…Coffee Tables!!!”

UK Police Used Facial Recognition Software to ID Rioters

SMILE!  You’re on Candid Cameraaaa!!! Crime doesn’t pays. It NEVER pays. Especially when you commit said crime in a large public area that has several security cameras installed and positioned to catch said crimes being committed. Also, don’t document and show off your five-fingered discounts in public or you’ll get caught on Twitter; like this moron. Scotland Yard has been quietly developing facial recognition technology … Continue reading UK Police Used Facial Recognition Software to ID Rioters

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