Play the Cancelled ‘Saints Row’ PSP Game for Free!

Recently, the developers at Volition did something awesome by not just revealing a cancelled game in their most popular series, Saints Row, but by ALSO releasing it to the public FOR FREE for anyone to download! The game, Saints Row Undercover, was being developed for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) before Volition decided to cancel it. It began as a port of Saints Row 2, but it later became its own standalone game. None of that would matter as Volition would later cancel the game due to the prototype not meeting their expectations, but they recently rediscovered it and decided to release it to the wild. And that’s, like, really SUPER COOL! Continue reading “Play the Cancelled ‘Saints Row’ PSP Game for Free!”

Sooo, Metal Gear Solid 5 was ALMOST a PSP and PS3 Game…

Soooo, according to an interview with Kotaku, it appears that Ground Zeroes, the prologue chapter to Metal Gear Solid 5, was originally planned to be released on both the PlayStation 3 and PSP before it made the jump to the current and next-generation consoles.  I must admit, having my MGS titles on the PSP would have been awesome — as both Portable Ops and Peace Walker are just PLAIN AWESOME! According to series producer Hideo Kojima:

“Honestly, I really wanted to release Ground Zeroes right after [2010’s PSP release of] Peace Walker. Whether on PSP or PS3. But then we had development issues, some delays with Metal Gear Rising as well. And then we learned about next generation coming, so it ended up being the way it is now.”

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The PSP gets Final Fantasy 3 TODAY! Wait, PSP?

I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series.  The original NES version of the game was one of the first games I played when I was in Kindergarten and First Grade.  Over the years I have played many other role-playing games and amassed quite of collection of them in my overall video game collection including many games in Final Fantasy series, like the PSP remakes of Final Fantasy 1 & 2 (not “4”, “2”).  Later today, Final Fantasy 3 (not “6”, “3”) will be available to download on PSP on September 25, as revealed in a recent PlayStation Blog.  Yes, you read that correctly, the PlayStation Portable; the ever-loving P-S-P.   Continue reading “The PSP gets Final Fantasy 3 TODAY! Wait, PSP?”