Double Fine’s Classic ‘Psychonauts’ Comes to PS4 This Spring!

I LOVE Psychonauts! I also love playing games on my PlayStation 4! Well, it was recently announced that Double Fine’s classic PS2 platformer Psychonauts is heading to PS4 this spring! Now, I already own a complete copy of the game for PS2 that I replay every-so-often, so I won’t be purchasing the updated version for my PS4. However, if you don’t already own it or haven’t played it before, you really, REALLY should. Continue reading “Double Fine’s Classic ‘Psychonauts’ Comes to PS4 This Spring!”

Bloodborne Player Defeats DLC’s Hardest Boss with His Fists. Seriously…

Calling “Lobos Jr” is one of the most talented Souls players is an understatement—he once beat the game upside down! He’s been going through Bloodborne’s newest DLC, The Old Hunters, and he recently, he pulled off the incredible feat of beating the insanely-difficult first boss — and probably the hardest boss fight in the game, Ludwig —  on New Game+++++++ (that’s 7+’s, by the way) only using his fists.
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Advanced Pro Wrestling Studies – WIRed #124

It’s time for Episode 124 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a Habitat house that surpasses design and sustainability standards, Google throws its cap on the USB Security Key hat-rack, a portable laptop version of the PlayStation 4, and SCIENCE reveals why people love pro wrestling! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.
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Want A Custom-Made Portable PS4? It’ll Cost Ya’ $1,400!

Here's a Custom-Made $1,400 Portable PS4Howdy, hey there and HELLO! Do you encounter the problem of lugging around your PlayStation 4 and your big-screen television around for gaming-on-the-go and you don’t have a portable system?  Do you wish that you could just more convenient transport you PS4 and flat screen with little-to-no difficulty?  Since the PlayStation 4 is early in its initial release’s design and my be far from the size of the PSone (which DOES have a portable LCD screen, which I CURRENTLY purchased; SCORE), that device my not come to the PS4 soon (save for the HORI device), UNLESS you don’t mind lugging around this nice portable PS4. But it’s gonna cost ya’… Continue reading “Want A Custom-Made Portable PS4? It’ll Cost Ya’ $1,400!”

‘EA Sports UFC’ Shows Grappling Women ‘Cause of ‘Them Fightin’ Words’…

A new video was recently released for the upcoming ‘EA Sports UFC‘, taking a look at a virtual match between Rhonda Rousey and Meisha Tate.  EA and EA Sports were definitely going for realism in their soon-to-be-released mixed martial arts fighting game, but these ‘EA Sports UFC‘ female fighters and their movements are all too real!  After playing the demo on PlayStation 4, there was a LOT to be desired (but that’s the point of a demo; release it, take notes, and improve the game before launch), but EA is not only making strides with the game due to this demo and a Reddit AMA, but they are making history for having the female fighters in a UFC video game for the first time! PROGRESS! Continue reading “‘EA Sports UFC’ Shows Grappling Women ‘Cause of ‘Them Fightin’ Words’…”

Thanks You NeoGAF and Sony for This Meme…

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The Architectural Puzzles in “The Witness”

Now that many of us have had time to play our brand, new, shiny PlayStation 4’s (don’t worry fanboys; I DIDN’T forget that the Xbox One comes out in two days), it seems like a good time to talk about a popular timed exclusive for the system, which is The Witness, from the mind of Johnathan Blow, the creator of Braid. The Witness hopes to blend a new brand of storytelling with immersive gameplay, founded largely on the environments that Blow and two teams of architects designed. The game’s trailer certainly evokes memories of the architecture, environment and puzzle-type of gameplay from Myst.  In an entry in Blow’s blog post, he describes the intense detail hidden within each building and feature in the game:

“The game is constructed so that the more you pay attention to tiny details during your travels, the more insight you will have to the central story, even though it may not be obvious at any given time what a particular detail has to do with that story.”

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