‘DiveKick’, A Game with TWO Buttons: Dive & Kick…

With many complaints about video games becoming much too difficult to play, especially fighting games.  The typical complaints comes from the number of input buttons to execute combos and special moves, plus the increased complexity of many of the popular fighting games. I’m proud to make note of the impending release of a much simpler fighting game like ‘DiveKick‘, which has only TWO input commands: one button to dive, and another button to kick. Continue reading “‘DiveKick’, A Game with TWO Buttons: Dive & Kick…”

Do You Like Your Favorite Video Game Characters Refined or Cutesy?

We are used to seeing our favorite video game characters as blips, pixels, polygons, hand-drawings, and examples of the “uncanny valley,” but British graphic artist extraordinaire Olly Moss has put together two more example of how we can see our pixellated idols: silhouettes and 3D-paper dolls.  Moss — an avid gamer — took some of the most iconic gaming heroes and did two things with them:

1) Created some “high-class”, old money-looking classically styled silhouettes

2) Put together some precious and adorable paper doll-like drawings

For more Olly Moss, check out is hardcover book, Silhouettes from Popular Culture, but if you want a little preview of both art styles mentioned in this story, check out some samples after the break!  Continue reading “Do You Like Your Favorite Video Game Characters Refined or Cutesy?”

‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Previews BEYOND 35 Minutes of Gameplay

I’m a huge fan of the developer Quantic Dream. I have enjoyed Omikron: The Nomad Soul on the Dreamcast, Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit to everywhere else outside North America) on my PlayStation 2, and Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3.  Their upcoming game, Beyond: Two Souls, stars actors Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page, and is set for release on October 8th 2013 on the PS3. The game made an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival late last month (which is a first for a console-exclusive video game), along with a new trailer and video of gameplay.  SPEAKING OF GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE… Continue reading “‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Previews BEYOND 35 Minutes of Gameplay”

FMV Classic “Mad Dog McCree” is Coming to PS3 THIS MONTH!

The game Mad Dog McCree was the first live-action full-motion video (FMV) laserdisc video game released by American Laser Games, originally appeared as an arcade game in 1990.  My first encounter of this game was actually on the good ‘ol Sega CD (then I got to try it in the arcade), and I recall that this game took place in the wild west where your goal was, as “the stranger,” to hunt down the criminal Mad Dog McCree.  Recently, game company Digital Leisure (who put the classic Dragon’s Lair on over SIXTY DIFFERENT CONSOLES) listed Mad Dog McCree as coming later this month to the PSN, and PEGI (the Pan European Game Information board) had just rated the game for the PlayStation 3, and will become available on the BOTH the North American & European PSN.

Continue reading “FMV Classic “Mad Dog McCree” is Coming to PS3 THIS MONTH!”

The 2012 GameStop EXPO, from the Show Floor to DANCING ZOMBIES!

Back on Wednesday, August 29th, I was in attendance (with VIP access, because I “rolls” like that) at the first-ever, open-to-the-public GameStop PowerUp Rewards EXPO at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, which marked MY VERY FIRST GAME CONVENTION EVER!! Plus, I got my chance to finally meet WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler (after calling him out on Twitter).  The videos below contain images and footage of games I’ve seen and/or played, from:

Sport Champions 2, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal, God of War Ascension, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dishonored, Ni No Kuni, Injustice, Assassin’s Creed 3 (& Liberation), Rayman Legends (on WiiU), Nintendoland, Dead of Alive 5, Halo 4, Little Big Planet Karting, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, Aliens: Colonial Marines, WWE ’13, and more!

Check out the slideshow and some videos after the break!

Continue reading “The 2012 GameStop EXPO, from the Show Floor to DANCING ZOMBIES!”

The PractitioNERD at the GameStop EXPO 2012!

The PractitioNERD at the GameStop EXPO 2012!

Continue reading “The PractitioNERD at the GameStop EXPO 2012!”

Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses a Dutch house built along a moat (The Water Villa), self-flying planes that dodge obstacles (MIT’s Autonomous Plane), my episode with repairing my old PS3 and backing up my data (What the Inside of a PS3 Looks Like), and Hulk Hogan stars in NOOO HOLLLLDS BARRRRRRED!! (“No Holds Barred”: The Movie and the Match).
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading “Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8”

So, what does the inside of a PlayStation 3 look like?

2011-07-07 12.39.55

Here are some pictures I took last summer of what the inside of my 2007 “Cadillac” 60GB (now 500GB) launch model of my now old & non-working PS3 looks like (it was way out of warranty anyway).  From left to right is the top case with media drives and power source, the cooling fan and heat-sink, and the main motherboard. Check out the whole wild, wild (well, maybe not THAT wild) and crazy story and a slideshow after the break.

Continue reading “So, what does the inside of a PlayStation 3 look like?”

I Cannot Wait for “Retro City Rampage”!

I love a variety of video games, ranging from the open-world “do-what-you-want-to-do” of Grand Theft Auto, the sidescrolling action of Mega Man, and the humor of Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Brutal Legend. What I also love is the recent trend of new games with the retro, old school, 8-bit graphical imagery such as the recent Mega Man titles (9 & 10), Tempura of the Dead, and Fez.  From all of that, it seems that Retro City Rampage — an upcoming downloadable action-adventure video game for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows — is right up my alley, plus it’s a parody of retro games and pop culture, including the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.   Continue reading “I Cannot Wait for “Retro City Rampage”!”

The Inspirational Trippiness of Pixeljunk 4AM

Later today, PixelJunk 4am will arrive on PlayStation Network after this week’s update.  The game will allow any PlayStation 3 gamer who owns a Move controller to turn their living room (or game room, bedroom, basement…garage, whatever; you get the idea) into an interactive, audio-visual, experimental art performance venue.  It looks so amazing, that the best way I can explain it would be theorizing that this is what … Continue reading The Inspirational Trippiness of Pixeljunk 4AM

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