Itt In Japan Bullet-Timing Space Jams Piper’s Pit- WIRed #78

This week on WIRed, there’s a building in Japan that looks like that guy from that thing, former NASA make something really cool — because reasons –, NBA 2K13 makes Space Jam even MORE awesome, why you should be weary before going on Piper’s Pit! Continue reading “Itt In Japan Bullet-Timing Space Jams Piper’s Pit- WIRed #78”

My Two Favorite “Piper’s Pit” Moments

In 1984, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was given his own unscripted interview segment called Piper’s Pit, in which he talked to other WWF superstars, however those talks would often result in brawls between Piper and whoever his guest was during the segment. According to Piper, the main purpose and use of the Piper’s Pit segments was to help Piper create and/or maintain feuds with other wrestlers, retain heat with fans, and heal some nagging injuries. From my own memories, Piper’s Pit had some memorable moments that were notable for their comedy, brutality, shock, and changed the course of the careers of the WWF superstars who were guests. Continue reading “My Two Favorite “Piper’s Pit” Moments”