Here’s A Rare Prototype of the Sony Super Nintendo CD

We gamers and gaming hobbyists know the story: Nintendo partners with Sony to create a CD-ROM add-on to the Super Nintendo, Nintendo gets cold feet about the contract, Sony announces partnership with Nintendo, THEN Nintendo announces partnership with Sony’s rival, Philips, a spurned Sony goes on the create the legendary PlayStation console (arguably the greatest console in modern gaming history), and the Nintendo/Philips arrangement results in NO SNES CD console, 3 terrible Zelda games and an awful Mario game for the Philips CDi console. What’s a CDi, you ask? EXACTLY.  Anyway, just after the partnership termination with Nintendo, Sony went on to produce prototypes of the cancelled ‘Nintendo Play Station’ console that were eventually shelved. Recently, some guy has recently shown-off his newly acquired prototype of that console. Continue reading “Here’s A Rare Prototype of the Sony Super Nintendo CD”

Storefronts Gesture Remotes MGS 5’s in Memphis Wrestling- WIRed #68

Welcome to another weekly helping of PractitioNERD WIRed, where this week I discuss the effort to make vacant storefronts look interesting and active, Philips introducing a gesture-sensitive remote control, Metal Gear Solid V shows off a long gameplay trailer, and some classic, old-school pro wrestling from Memphis.

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Are You Ready for Touch-Sensitive, Gesture-Recognizing TV Remotes?

I’ve been fascinated to the advancements in remote controls since I got my hands on my first universal remote that CONTROLLED ALL THE MEDIA STUFFS!  Now, thanks to the advent of smartphones, you can control your media set-up with a simple app via touchscreen, or shell out the cash for those fancy Logitech remotes (while they’re still available).  However, when you’re absent-mindedly channel surfing on the television, having physical buttons mean you don’t need to look down to change the channel. Plus, now that motion gesturing is becoming an handy way to control user interfaces, Philips has developed a new kind of remote technology called RevoTouch, which attempts to bring the best of physical buttons and gesture movements. Continue reading “Are You Ready for Touch-Sensitive, Gesture-Recognizing TV Remotes?”