Who do YOU have winning the First Women’s Royal Rumble?

I know, I know; there was an architecture story this past Monday, meaning there’s a Video Game story later in the week. So, why is there a Pro Wrestling story in the middle, you ask? Well, the usual Pro Wrestling story next week will still happen, but that’s AFTER this year’s Royal Rumble, which I want to talk about BEFORE the event. According to SportsBettingDime, the current favorite to win Men’s Royal Rumble is Shinsuke Nakamura (+250), and I want this too, especially after their classic Wrestle Kingdom match a few years ago and the tease during last year’s Smackdown Money in the Bank Match. But every year there’s a pool asking who’s winning the Men’s Rumble match, so the most intriguing question this year is who’s going to win the FIRST, WOMEN’S Royal Rumble match?

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Black Friday – Geek Me Five #19

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, significance and the….why is this a thing?…. about Black Friday.

1) “Why Is It Called Black Friday,” Wonderopolis [https://goo.gl/sNrxrW]
2) “The Meaning of Black Friday,” by Guy Rundle, Jacobin Magazine [https://goo.gl/BO61sp]
3) “What’s the Real History of Black Friday,” by Sarah Pruitt, History Channel [https://goo.gl/Ne3gbX]

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Five Floor Plans from Some of my Favorite Cult TV Shows

Honestly, I’m not getting tired of these stories that showcase the floor plans of the homes of some of my favorite television shows. I’ve already covered The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things (I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix), and now I want to share some more of these incredible floor plans. Thanks to Homes.com, I present to you FIVE (yes, 5) more floor plan designs based on some of my other favorite cult television shows! And YES, I’m counting ‘Mr. Robot’… Continue reading “Five Floor Plans from Some of my Favorite Cult TV Shows”

The 2300/ECW Arena – Doc’D #48

Oh Lord, the wonky buzzing noise! Sorry about that. Anyway, in this pro wrestling-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history and lasting legacy of the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, otherwise known as the ECW Arena, the world’s most famous bingo hall. Continue reading “The 2300/ECW Arena – Doc’D #48”

“ECW Unreleased, Volume 1” in stores June 5th

After catching wind of the news that ECW Unreleased, Volume 1 was coming out on DVD very soon (like June 5th, very soon) and saw the trailer (after the break), the first thing I did was pump my fists in the air and quietly chant to myself: “E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!!”

Those were the chants heard at every show Extreme Championship Wrestling held, and still at times is heard in current matches today involving wrestlers who were once part of the organization. Since its founding in 1992 as Eastern Championship Wrestling, ECW became popular and revered for showcasing reality-based stories and characters and various international styles of professional wrestling, ranging from Spanish-style lucha libre to Japanese-style puroresu to hardcore wrestling, when no other promotion in America was doing it.  Even after its demise in early 2001 (not including the rebirth WWE-run program from 2006 to 2010), ECW is still looked on with much respect from current wrestlers and fans.

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Celebrating 10 Years of “Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice.”

Just to be sure, we ARE talking about practice, right?

Do you remember where you were when former NBA player and Philadelphia 76er star Allen Iverson enlightened us with his philosophy on the practice of…well…practice? Continue reading “Celebrating 10 Years of “Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice.””

Architecture critic Inga Saffron believes that skyscrapers are O-VER-RA-TED **clap-clap, clap-clap-clap**

Skyscrappers are a signature piece and building type in the realm of architecture. Created with the spirit of being able to build so high and touch the sky (no so different from the goal of the European cathedrals), and now it seems that every architectural firm is trying to make their name as designing and building the world’s tallest new skyscraper (with the currently record … Continue reading Architecture critic Inga Saffron believes that skyscrapers are O-VER-RA-TED **clap-clap, clap-clap-clap**

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