The Albany by RKD Architects is NOT in Albany; It’s in Dublin. So, There You Go…

© Ste Murray

The Albany, located in Dublin, Ireland and designed by RKD Architects, is a modernist-style pavilion (measuring at nearly 4,900 square feet) that aims to reinterpret the seaside villa house type. This visually distinct building — compared to the surrounding ones — is built on one corner of the build site and utilizes a varied mix of materials and features a new structure frames for viewing the nearby Dublin Bay.  The existing site was lowered to create a garden — while accessible from all of the building’s bedrooms — that would add seclusion and privacy to the site. The exterior showcases a reinforced concrete frame with seamless glass ribbon windows along the main upper floor, while seemingly floating above the lower level plinth; intentionally done to resemble the seawall and to evoke the Martello towers located along the local coastline.

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Pavillion Neurobridges Alien Brawls- WIRed #108

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