Google’s Project Vault Aims to Secure your Devices with a microSD Card

As hackers get more brazen, it’s becoming a huge hassle to change our passwords due to the multitude of services we keep signing up for. Thankfully, there are password managers like KeePass and LastPass (among a lot of others) to help ease the pain and annoyance of dealing with security over multiple sites and services, but it’s not the definitive answer to the problem. Google’s going to take a stab at that problem with Project Vault, a secure device that plugs into any desktop or mobile device that supports microSD. This device runs its own ultra-secure operating system partitioned from the rest of the host device’s storage with 4GB of storage for your most sensitive data. Continue reading “Google’s Project Vault Aims to Secure your Devices with a microSD Card”

LastPass is FREAKING AWESOME (and you should be using it)!

Our passwords need to be secure, complicated, while being easy-to-remember. However, with the number of services that we use that utilize passwords, it’s common that many people use the same password for each service and/or use “1234,” “abcd” or “password” as a password — which you SHOULD NEVER DO — and put ease of memory over security.  That’s why I stopped keeping a grid of multiple unique and complex passwords for each service and started using LassPass. LassPass is a freemium password management service that aims to resolve the password fatigue problem I mentioned earlier by centralizing user password management using the cloud through a web interface, browser plugins and apps and bookmarklets. Continue reading “LastPass is FREAKING AWESOME (and you should be using it)!”

Forget Remembering Passwords! Make A USB Password Dongle to do it FOR YOU!!

Oh passwords, passwords, passwords; so necessary to protect your information and accounts online, but very often it just means that there are so many passwords to remember; depending on how many online services you use and how diligent your are in properly securing your online information.  After it was revealed a few weeks ago that the most common password in the nation was “password1” — seriously, I’m NOT kidding — it’s a wonder why your account has not been phished or hacked by now if you use that or other simple/terrible/lazy/unsafe passwords.  For the best security, it is wise and recommended  for passwords to be complex (using letters, numbers AND symbols) and be changed every 8-16 months.  Still, I understand that the new issues would be having to remember ANOTHER password.  But, don’t fret…

Continue reading “Forget Remembering Passwords! Make A USB Password Dongle to do it FOR YOU!!”