Reflective Building Pi-Crowaves Stridering Battlegrounds – WIRed #59

This week’s episode of WIRed discusses a reflective visitor’s centre in Australia, a Raspberry Pi-powered microwave, my memories of playing Strider on the Sega Genesis, The new WWE Battleground pay-per-view, and my NEW MONTHLY SERIES, “Doc’D”, which debuted this past Tuesday! HOORAY for NEW THINGS!! Continue reading “Reflective Building Pi-Crowaves Stridering Battlegrounds – WIRed #59”

PUNK vs. BRYAN for the WWE Title at WWE Over The Limit

Indeed, on Sunday May 20th, Christmas will be coming early this year.

To the involved and dedicated wrestling fans, or “smart marks” (a.k.a. “smarks”),we felt that a championship match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (or “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson) was destined to happen; it would just be a matter of time. Both wrestlers had made names for themselves on the hard-knock independent wrestling circuit (including stints in Ring of Honor) all over the world.  Punk and Bryan both have old-school wrestling backgrounds and styles, making them among the purest of athletes and finest technicians in the business (something that not as common nowadays). Both of their world title reigns were possibly the most dominant and popular in late-2011 to early-2012. Finally, in three short weeks at WWE Over the Limit, they will both meet again, but this time a world title will be on the line. Continue reading “PUNK vs. BRYAN for the WWE Title at WWE Over The Limit”