‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to be this month on January 12th

That Dragon, Cancer. is an independently developed game that showcased an early demo, allowing the player to slowly explore the hospital room of a father and his young son. The young son was dying, and the father felt powerless.  The development of the title has surely been difficult, as one of the developers is the father the game is about and his son passed away during development. Continue reading “‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to be this month on January 12th”

INTRODUCING the “Ouya”; The First Open Source Home Gaming Console

That’s right, move over PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the soon-to-be released Wii U!  Here comes the Ouya to knock you off of your respective roosts. /sarcasm. Still, this a very interesting little gaming console.  The Ouya was announced on July 3, 2012 as a new home video game console, made by a team of design and tech know-hows led by the CEO of Boxer8, Julie Uhrman. On July 10, Ouya started a Kickstarter campaign to see how many people were interested in the project and wanted to donate. Boxer8 confirmed having a working prototype with in-progress software and user interface, and is expected to have their own online store for applications and games. The prototype runs on a modified version of  the Android 4.0 operating system (a.k.a., “Ice Cream Sandwich”), features many high-end specs, and a budget price tag of $99.  As of July 18, 2012 at 3:00PM CST, the Ouya kickstarter had raised US$5,072,076 with 21 days to go in the fundraising, far FAR ahead of its goal of US$950,00.   Continue reading “INTRODUCING the “Ouya”; The First Open Source Home Gaming Console”