How Do You Celebrate the Louvre Pyramid’s 30th Birthday? OPTICAL ILLUSIONS!!!!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of IM Pei’s Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France, artist JR created a large-scale collaborative art piece, titled ‘The Secret of the Louvre”, that takes up the entirety of the Napoleon Court. The reason for the Pyramid’s creation was to ease down the congestion from museum’s thousands of daily visitors. The artwork was made with the assistance of 400 volunteers, resulting in the aforementioned optical illusion of Pei’s pyramid sinking into the ground.

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‘How-To-Geek’s’ Awesome Guide on Buying Refurbished PC Parts

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Source: Flickr (Fuja | by RoushVilla Fuja | by RoushVilla)

Something that’s part of the fun of assembling and/or upgrading your own desktop or laptop PC is the allure of the money you’ll be saving versus outright purchasing a pre-built machine. You can further extend saving MORE money by focusing on buying refurbished parts, but that’s territory where you’ll want to pay more attention and tread more lightly. ┬áThis is because while some refurbished PC parts are of good quality and can be bought for less, others parts may not be. Thankfully, for additional insight, Michael Crider of How-To-Geek put together a great guide on the best and least recommended PC parts to buy refurbished, based on the type/component of parts that you’re looking for (i.e., hard drives, power supplies, motherboards, etc.). Continue reading “‘How-To-Geek’s’ Awesome Guide on Buying Refurbished PC Parts”