Opera’s Free AND Unlimited VPN Service is Available on Android

Opera had already launched an unlimited VPN service for iOS earlier this year after their acquisition of SurfEasy last year (2015), and now it’s doing the same for (us) Android users.  What’s Opera VPN, you ask? Opera’s VPN service will allow you appear as if you’re in a different country such as the US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as letting you to block ad trackers. You can also bypass content restricted by your location with the VPN app, and the BEST PART is that Opera’s app does NOT have a data limit; meaning you can use it whenever you want, wherever you are, and as much as you want. HUZZAH!

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Resize YouTube Videos To Your Liking w/…um…YouTube Resize

When I’m working around the house, cleaning things, drawing things, or creating content for — I don’t know, The PractitioNERD — I like to have a video playing int he background, and more often than not, it’s a playlist of YouTube videos.  While Google allows you to customized the size of any YouTube video you play — kind of, sort of –, you can get more precise control with sizing those vids using the YouTube Resize extension, which allows you to drag a video to any size you want — if you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default internet browser (sorry, Internet Explorer). Continue reading “Resize YouTube Videos To Your Liking w/…um…YouTube Resize”

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