Lamenting for more Outdoor Pro Wrestling Events

I recall the amazement (just on the novelty alone) of watching large scale professional wrestling events that took place outdoors as opposed to an indoor arena.  The events that come to my mind include: WWF Wrestlemania IX at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the WCW Road Wild events held in Sturgis, South Dakota during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and WWF SummerSlam ’92 at Wembley Stadium in London.  There’s just … Continue reading Lamenting for more Outdoor Pro Wrestling Events

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LG’s Passive Clip-On 3D Glasses (HOORAAY!!!!)

Yes! Yes!! YESSSSS!!!  This Must Happen MORE!!! Now, THIS is a definite entry into my “PROS” columns on my personal list for becoming a future adopter of a 3D television!  Actually, this may be the case for anyone who already wears glasses on an everyday basis (like myself); and hates having to wear those bulky glasses to watch any type of three-dimensional content; and hates … Continue reading LG’s Passive Clip-On 3D Glasses (HOORAAY!!!!)

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Earl Caddock vs. Joe Stecher (1920): Oldest Pro Wrestling on Film

This is about as OLD SCHOOL as it can get (or at least since it’s a miracle that the film survived)!