You’re Not Seeing Things; Microsoft Brings 1st Office App to Linux

LET THE INVASION BEGIN!! Yesterday, Microsoft Teams was released in a public preview phase to the Linux operating system via native Linux packages in two formats: .deb and .rpm. The app doesn’t differ in the looks department compared to it Windows and macOS brethren, and the goal of this release to for Microsoft to further push Teams as a bridge for the implementation of other Office apps (i.e. Word, et al) and teamwork that supports the mixed environments that are reliant on the Linux platform. But let’s be real here: Microsoft is releasing Teams on Linux to go after Slack on another front.

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The Oficinas Nexans Chile; A Greatly Lit & Circulated Office Space…

© Aryeh Kornfeld

This commission by Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados and  Ignacio Correa involved the remodeling the offices of Nexans Chile SA, located on the 2nd floor of a 1950s building, located within the southern area of Santiago, Chile.  The offices older configuration, part of the longitudinal direction of the plant, consisted of a central corridor divided two areas of open workstations, including private offices, meeting rooms and bathrooms. The problem: other than the wear-and-tear of age, these spaces were organized against building facades, resulting in the limited illumination of natural light in the work spaces located towards the center area of the plant. Continue reading “The Oficinas Nexans Chile; A Greatly Lit & Circulated Office Space…”

The Canòdrom is Dear Design Studio turning a Greyhound Stadium into Tech/Startup Offices…

© Aitor Estevez

What do you do when a 1960’s-era Antoni Bonet i Castellana-designed rationalist building that worked as a greyhound stadium track has outlived its use? If you’re Dear Design Studio, you refurbish it into a research park. Dear Design Studio won a competition for their take on the interior design of the building after its 2016 refurbishment, which was likely very impressive since they had to adapt the former greyhound stadium’s facilities into an open, dynamic and flexible space for technology companies and start-ups. Continue reading “The Canòdrom is Dear Design Studio turning a Greyhound Stadium into Tech/Startup Offices…”

“PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review

Create and convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint online free  #pdf:

Back in the day (which I’m targeting at between 2003 and 2014), I remember using a number of programs and services to create PDFs from Microsoft Office (back when I USED to use it) files – from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – to creating Office files in those formats FROM a PDF file (which was a nightmare in many cases). Since I’ve moved to Google Drive exclusively as my office suite, I’ve had no issues translating Drive files to PDFs, but back in my days of using Office on an everyday basis, it can be best described as a coin toss in terms of PDF conversions working well. I was recently contacted by a representative from a company that offers a free, web-based PDF converter called, well,; which not only converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDFs, but ALSO converts from PDFs to those Microsoft Office files. After some quick testing with some older Office files I have and a work computer that was running Office 2007, I was left very impressed. Continue reading ““PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review”

One/Two Sony Reader FemGaming Copycat – WIRed #97

It’s time for Episode 97 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses taking a bit out of architecture — kinda sorta — , the Sony Reader PRS-500, the She Got Game documentary series, and TNA pulls a pathetic Mr. Me-Too after WrestleMania 30! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “One/Two Sony Reader FemGaming Copycat – WIRed #97”

The Inside/Outside Vertical Farms in Tokyo

One of the issues that the world of agriculture is finding today is the lack of concern for the practice due to the large – – and increasing — number of young people migrating to cities. Over the past several year, there have been prototypes for urban/vertical farms (self-contained or co-existing with occupied buildings) developed, and since it seems that urban growth will continue to rise, these new agricultural means and methods see to be the way to go.  Kono Designs, the architecture firm behind the project at the Pasona offices, is hoping that this new urban farm/office building type will inspire young urbanites to possibly reconsider agriculture and possibly help reinvigorate rural areas. Continue reading “The Inside/Outside Vertical Farms in Tokyo”