Street Fighter + Mortal Kombat + Pro Wrestling = OH…YEAH!!!!

What I love about pro wrestling is that it can take larger-than-life personalities and fantasies, and make them as real as they can be, live and in living color (in living WHAT?!).  Over in Oakland, popular video game franchise Street Fighter was real; at least for one night earlier this year. Oakland’s wrestling crew at Hoodslam took on Capcom’s fighter and put it in the ring for the live audience and the WHOLE INTERNET to watch of episode 14 of its series, titled “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Hoodslam”.  In case the video embedded above doesn’t start at the right spot for you, you’ll want to begin at 3:12. While some of the action before hand is pretty entertaining, you may want to check out Vega’s entrance at 3:12. That, and if you remember Vega from the 1994 Street Fighter movie (for the love of all things holy, IGNORE The Legend of Chun-Li), you’d figure out just how awesome Vega is.  He’s pretty amazing in the above video too.

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