WWE Adds More Awesome to upcoming ‘WWE Starrcade’ Live Event

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Except that as-of posting this, the event will not be airing on the WWE Network. Le sigh…

Anyway, this coming Saturday (November 25th), WWE will present ‘Starrcade,’ live from Greensboro, NC, deep in the heart of NWA/WCW/Jim Crockett territory, and, yes, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will make an appearance at the show (because Greensboro — and North Carolina, by extension — is Ric Flair country). Not stopping there, WWE aims to help make the show as much as a throwback as it possibly can — like NOT broadcasting it live to a larger audience; yes, I AM bitter — by feature an appearance by the limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing, son-of-a-gun himself, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Continue reading “WWE Adds More Awesome to upcoming ‘WWE Starrcade’ Live Event”

AJ Styles on Why We Should Support Indy Wrestling…


This past Sunday, AJ Styles, the current WWE United States Champion on Smackdown Live, showed up at a NWA Wildside reunion event in his home state of Georgia. Your first question might be: How can he be allowed to attend a indy wreslting event if he’s signed to WWE? Well, Styles was off last weekend (in preparation of his busy week coming up as WWE talent work four days per week on average) so he was able to schedule the appearance.  According to Jerry “The King” Lawler from his recent podcast, WWE talent are “technically tax-wise, considered independent contractors” and can make “third-party appearances” at indy events permitted they are not scheduled to work a WWE-based booking, which is done (typically) with the indy promotion making a request to WWE, paying an agreed appearance fee, then WWE asks the talent if they would like to appear, and the deal is done. Continue reading “AJ Styles on Why We Should Support Indy Wrestling…”

Legendary Pro Wrestling Trainer Larry Sharpe Has Passed Away At Age 66

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe, taking on Dominic DeNucci at Madison Square Garden in 1980.

If you’re a longtime professional wrestling fan with specific memories of the NWA and early-WCW, it’s incredibly likely that you remember Larry Sharpe. Sharpe had a pretty decent career as a mid-card wrestler, but he’s likely best remembered for running the legendary Monster Factory, which he and Buddy Rogers opened in 1983 in Paulsboro, New Jersey. For the uninitiated, the Monster Factory is notable for produced perhaps more pro wrestling stars than any one training facility before WWE consolidated its developmental promotions to its Performance Center and NXT. Continue reading “Legendary Pro Wrestling Trainer Larry Sharpe Has Passed Away At Age 66”

Smokey Mountain Wrestling – Doc’D #56

In this pro wrestling-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the influential and short-lived southeastern professional wrestling promotion, Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

I also wrote about Smoky Mountain Wrestling back in early 2014! [https://thepractitionerd.com/2014/01/30/smoky-mountain-wrestling]

FOR MORE about Smoky Mountain Wrestling:

1) The Complete History of Smoky Mountain Wrestling [http://www.prowrestlinghistory.com/smw]
3) ‘Smoky Mountain Wrestling’ on the WWE Network [http://network.wwe.com/shows/vault/smoky-mountain-wrestling] Continue reading “Smokey Mountain Wrestling – Doc’D #56”

More Pro Wrestling Promos Edited with Only Inhales & Exhales!

A couple of years ago, we here at The PractitioNERD shared a compilation of pro-wrestling interviews and promos edited down to just inhales and exhales. It was strange, funny, and confusing all at once.I never noticed until then that Ric Flair doesn’t breathe like a human-being? Now that we’ve had our fun, it’s time for another video of more of the same…BECAUSE REASONS!!! Continue reading “More Pro Wrestling Promos Edited with Only Inhales & Exhales!”

Floating MP3Cassette Band Gems – WIRed #119


It’s time for Episode 119 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses floating architecture in Nigeria, how to hack an MP3 player and an old cassette tape, a Behind The Music style look at a Nintendo Rock Band, and some of the best matches on the WWE Network! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Floating MP3Cassette Band Gems – WIRed #119”

Here’s Some of the Best Wrestling Matches on the WWE Network!

Let’s be honest: there’s a HECKUVA LOT of wrestling matches to choose from on the WWE Network (granted that it includes matches from WWE, WCW, ECW, SMW, AWA, NWA, WCCW, etc.); meaning that it takes a good amount of browsing to dig past the less-than-good matches in order to find the gems. You also have to take into consideration that there are varied factors in what a good match comprises of, whether that’s the type of match, the build of the workers, the flow of a match, and the intensity of the match.  According to this (in my honest opinion) spot-on series of lists by the gang at Bleacher Report, here are some of the best matches to watch over on the good ol’ network, ranging by the best technical, high-flying, bloody, cage-style, underrated, and tag team type of matches, including which event that match takes place. Continue reading “Here’s Some of the Best Wrestling Matches on the WWE Network!”

Appreciate the Art of Realistic Striking in Professional Wrestling

In pro wrestling, there’s an art in delivering strikes that involves finding the balance between a complete non-contact whiff and a broken jaw from a stiff punch. Punches and kicks need to be made with the right amount of contact to add excitement to a match, since pro wrestling is inherently theater, not combat. Often, the wrestlers ARE (in fact) hitting each other, just not at full strength; while the blows are glancing, they’re not concussive. Long story short on wrestling, the violence is restrained but not non-existent.

Continue reading “Appreciate the Art of Realistic Striking in Professional Wrestling”

“Invisible” 3D DOOM Stingers! – WIRed #114


It’s time for Episode 114 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses an “invisible” reconstruction, the Easy Bake 3D Printer, play DOOM on an ATM, and the man they call Sting descends from the rafters! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.

Continue reading ““Invisible” 3D DOOM Stingers! – WIRed #114”

WWE to Release ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD Collection!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the WWE is preparing to release the upcoming DVD collection based on “The Man They Call STING” — no, not THAT guy, THIS guy. The new title is titled “The Best of Sting,” and it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray next month. As of latest word this is a WCW-heavy match compilation with more than 30 bouts featured on the DVD version alone! Those span Sting’s career from 1986 through to 2001. The Blu-ray edition packs in all of those too and a whopping 19 extras on top – a mix of promos, segments and matches. Continue reading “WWE to Release ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD Collection!”