Make Your Own Newsletter Unsubscription Service with Google Scripts!

Unsubscribe from Gmail Bulk Messages

If you ever got tired of receiving heaps and piles of emails from newsletter services and linking your social media accounts to other online services, you could have signed up with the free newsletter unsubscription service, However, recently the New York Times discovered and reported that has been busted for collecting and selling off your data, particularly to Uber, which Uber used to track Lyft drivers and members in the name of gaining intelligence on Lyft. Oh Boy! No worries, because you can create your own Google Script file to unsubscribe from a ton of email newsletters almost just as easily and for free (and your data will be more secure and private)! Continue reading “Make Your Own Newsletter Unsubscription Service with Google Scripts!”

Whoopsies! 176 lb. Concrete Slab Falls From Year-Old Zaha Hadid Library

© Roland Halbe

Insert Scooby-Doo impression: Ruh-Roh! That’s right, Scooby. On January 2nd of this year, a 176-pound chunk of concrete cladding has fallen from year-old Library and Learning Centre at the University of Economics Vienna, which opened its doors in October 2013. Hadid’s Library and Learning Center, clad in fiberglass-reinforced concrete, is the crown jewel of the Austrian business school’s new campus. Noted for the massive, angled black volume that cantilevers out over the main entrance, the building won the Royal Institute of British Architects’ European Award in 2014. Continue reading “Whoopsies! 176 lb. Concrete Slab Falls From Year-Old Zaha Hadid Library”

The News We Consume… – Rant N’ Resolve #7

The News You Trust. Fair & Balanced. Your #1 Source. We Report, You Decide. All News, All The Time. You’ve heard it, but how informed are you on current events? Also, have you heard from the diverse points of view that surrounds ALL TOPICS? This month on Rant N’ Resolve, Montez McCrary takes the news media, the single-source news viewers, and the uninformed & opinionated to task. But not without simple resolution… Continue reading “The News We Consume… – Rant N’ Resolve #7”

Student’s Thesis Turns Bus Into Tiny House

While it sucks that the blood, sweat, time and tears poured into projects that former architecture students like myself crafted resulted in no architecture job, it’s great to see a lot of us branch out with our design prowess.  For his thesis project, University of Minnesota architecture student Hank Butitta bought an old school bus and converted it into a flexible living space. Hmmm, sounds like I’ve written about these types of projects before….oh well. In the end, Butitta had a 225 square-foot mobile home — with a nod to the tiny house movement — with reused gym flooring and dimmable LED lighting. Continue reading “Student’s Thesis Turns Bus Into Tiny House”

You Wanna See This Award-Winning Micro-Apartment?!?

If there is one issue in particular that is affecting New York City, it is housing.  To address this concern, the adAPT NYC Competition was held in the city to find an example of an mini-apartment complex that could be developed into a new housing model for a smaller household population in the city.   The competition recently announced a winner (along with five finalists) in which many of the entries focuses on condensing the sizes of  typically larger living areas to save space, offering multi-functional rooms.  Each of the submitted proposals also include concentration on local community interaction, which makes up for the small apartment units with more public amenities provided in the building.   Continue reading “You Wanna See This Award-Winning Micro-Apartment?!?”

WWE to Release Official App for Android & iOS Soon…

WWE is close to finishing their official app for Apple iOS and Android platforms. The app will contain WWE’s latest news, a large library of videos, photo galleries and more.  With the WWE app, you will have access to breaking news, a huge WWE video library (current and classic), and thousands of action-packed photos.  Also, WWE promises that with a slide, swipe or tap of … Continue reading WWE to Release Official App for Android & iOS Soon…

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Sony Announces “God of War: Ascension” for Spring 2013!

Sony has just confirmed that there is going to be a new God of War game, entitled God of War: Ascension, for the PlayStation 3.  Ascension would be a prequel to the entire existing God of War series — Chains of Olympus (PSP), GOW1 (PS2), Betrayal (mobile), Ghost of Sparta (PSP), GOW2 (PS2) and GOW3 (PS3)–  and that more information about the game would be released on the PlayStation Blog on Monday, April 30th. The game will follow the origins of Kratos, the longtime protagonist of the series, as “he takes his first steps on a now legendary quest for freedom and vengeance.”

Continue reading “Sony Announces “God of War: Ascension” for Spring 2013!”