Apparently, Nathan Drake Doesn’t Lose Health, He Loses Luck in the ‘Uncharted’ Series…

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I have a question for any of my fellow gamers who’ve played an Uncharted game or two (or more). How many of you thought that while playing any game in the series and Nathan Drake’s UI turned red that he was getting hit with bullets and was losing health? You? You? You Too? Yup, include me as well. Well, it turns out that Mr. Drake is NOT the bullet-sponge that a majority of us assumed he was; the red UI changes actually reflect that bullets he’s dodging are chipping away at his luck, which is a finite resource. So, once his luck runs out, the next bullet will take him out of commission. Continue reading “Apparently, Nathan Drake Doesn’t Lose Health, He Loses Luck in the ‘Uncharted’ Series…”

Foundation Smart Strips LEGOs by Jerry Lynn – WIRed #80 This week on WIRed, find out how many Fresh Prince references are here (RIP James Avery), a Japanese house with an interesting foundation, the surge protector that you can operate with an app, the theoretical take of a LEGO Last of Us game, and how Jerry Lynn became the ‘New F’n Show.’ ———————————— ARCHITECTURE: TECHNOLOGY: GAMING: PRO WRESTLING: ———————————— BLOG: STORE:* SUPPORT … Continue reading Foundation Smart Strips LEGOs by Jerry Lynn – WIRed #80

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I Want a “LEGO: The Last of Us” Game. Yesterday.

You know something, after the LEGO-fied video games based on Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and much, MUCH more, this awesome video from YouTube REALLY brightened my day. An animator shared their idea of what Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise could/would look like if the development team over at Traveler’s Tales (currently known for their team of crack LEGO game designers) took a stab at it. This video can become our new go-to argument in favor of the execution of that any idea to become a reality.  Despite the dark and grim nature of The Last of Us (you know, since it’s called The. Last. Of. US), it’s possible that the mood could be made lighter and slightly humorous with just the right use of everyone;s favorite Danish construction blocks. Continue reading “I Want a “LEGO: The Last of Us” Game. Yesterday.”