Some of The Diverse Contemporary Architecture of Africa…

© Dook

The diverse continent of Africa is also host to diverse architectural projects, but many people outside of the continent are unaware (save for probably Kere’s lovely structures based on the local vernacular). Thanks to a wonderful slideshow post by Victor Delaqua of ArchDaily, we can catch a glimpse of some of the varied contemporary design projects installed in Africa. Of the 18 selected buildings from Mr. Delaqua’s original post (from 14 countries), here are my 7 favorite architectural projects from that post. Continue reading “Some of The Diverse Contemporary Architecture of Africa…”

‘Sociedad de Mar’ Project Seeks to Change the Tourism Model

© Adamo-Faiden

This project by Adamo-Faiden Architects in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay is called Sociedad de Mar, located in the middle of a coastal forest roughly 1km from the Atlantic Ocean. The project’s purpose is to install an alternative model of tourism from the immediate periphery of one of the most exclusive seaside resorts.  Another goal of the project is to use a combination of materials, spatial, and organizational variables to outline a new method of the built environment cohabiting with the natural environment.  Continue reading “‘Sociedad de Mar’ Project Seeks to Change the Tourism Model”

Return of the London Olympics: The Summer Game’s Shooting Venue

And now…the long awaited “Part 3” of my “coverage” of works of architecture being erected for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Summer Games that start next month in London. First I covered the nomadic basketball arena, second was the natatorium, and now I’ll be covering the London Olympic Shooting Venue.  This building will accommodate the 10, 25 and 50 m Sport Shooting events for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and after the Summer Games have concluded, the three temporary and mobile buildings will be dismantled (a’la the basketball arena before mentioned) and rebuilt in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.   Continue reading “Return of the London Olympics: The Summer Game’s Shooting Venue”