Is WWE Bringing Back ‘The Great American Bash’?!?

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WWE has both flirted with and fully reused the names of former WCW event in the past, and it appears to be happening again. After using Night of Champions (the final WCW Nitro broadcast and the new name of the Vengeance pay-per-view), Clash of Champions (a take on the Clash of the Champions events), Starrcade (as a non-televised house show) and War Games (as an NXT Takeover-branded event), WWE may bring back The Great American Bash. This is according to a report from PWInsider, announcing that Stamford, CT-based company filed a trademark for The Great American Bash last week. Continue reading “Is WWE Bringing Back ‘The Great American Bash’?!?”

The WCW International World Championship – Doc’D #8

You remember the wrestling promotion where “The Big Boys Played”, right? Well, what about the championship that was briefly the second-most important world championship in that company; which was ALSO a world title? This month on Document’D (or Doc’D), Montez McCrary discusses the story and legacy of the forgotten and abandoned WCW International World Heavyweight Championship. Continue reading “The WCW International World Championship – Doc’D #8”

Remembering Smoky Mountain Wrestling…

Smoky Mountain Wrestling was an independent professional wrestling promotion founded and run by Jim Cornette, was based in Knoxville, Tennessee with its offices in Morristown, TN, and held events in the Appalachian area of the United States from October 1991 to December 1995.  Cornette formed the promotion after he left World Championship Wrestling along with Stan Lane, Tim Horner and Sandy Scott, with financial backing from music producer Rick Rubin, co-founder of Def Jam Records. The first events and TV tapings were held in October and November 1991 while the matches from these taped shows were first shown on television in February 1992. Continue reading “Remembering Smoky Mountain Wrestling…”

WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?

Well, here comes your answer! “WarGames” was a gimmick match that involved two teams of four wrestlers locked inside a steel cage that encompassed two rings.  This match was originally used by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later annually held in World Championship Wrestling’s (WCW) Fall Brawl pay-per-view event held in September.  It was created by Dusty Rhodes as a specialty match for the Four Horsemen, and originally took place at the NWA’s 1987 Great American Bash tour.   The WarGames match was an inspiration for WWE’s Elimination Chamber, TNA’s Lethal Lockdown, and ROH‘s Steel Cage Warfare match types. Continue reading “WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?”

As The Crowd Turns: Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin, NWA World Title at Starrade ’87

Back in the day, the National Wrestling Alliance’s Starrcade pay-per-view was one of the most — if not THE MOST — prominent wrestling supershows in the country! For a brief rundown of the history of the event, check out this older story I wrote.  Anyway, at the 1987 edition of Starrcade (given the subtitle of “Chi-Town Heat” since it was held in…well…CHICAGO), Ron Garvin was … Continue reading As The Crowd Turns: Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin, NWA World Title at Starrade ’87

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African Palladio, WiFi Moochers, BLOPS2 Memes & Starrcade – WIRed #23

The Future is SO BRIGHT……

This week on WIRed #23 (JORDAN!), Palladio’s architectural style found in AFRICA, WiFi moochers better beware, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 memes, and the brief story behind NWA Starrcade!   Continue reading “African Palladio, WiFi Moochers, BLOPS2 Memes & Starrcade – WIRed #23”

The Stars Aligning for NWA Starrcade

The annual professional wrestling event Starrcade was held from 1983 to 1990 by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), then by World Championship Wrestling from 1991 to 2000.  Starrcade was the promotion’s flagship event that featured the culmination of the most popular feuds in the company and the show eventually rivaled the World Wrestling Federation’s WrestleMania event (even though Starrcade was typically held in November or December, while WrestleMania is held in March or April). From 1983 to 1987, the show was produced by Jim Crockett Promotions, the top and most dominant promotion of the NWA, and was usually held on Thanksgiving Day. In 1988, due to financial problems, JCP was sold to Ted Turner and was renamed WCW, and when the WWF threatened cable providers to not carry Starrcade and instead carry the inaugural  Survivor Series on Thanksgiving 1987, Starrcade’s yearly schedule was changed to December, and remained that way for all future Starrcade events. Continue reading “The Stars Aligning for NWA Starrcade”

Facebooking Gehry, Solar Energy Spheres, Secret Shenmue 3 & E-C-W is Born! – WIRed #10

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses the World Headquarters of Stalking gets a new HQ (, Solar Spheres better than Solar Panels (, the subliminal release of Shenmue 3 (, and ECW? Born out of Controversy? Really? (
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! Continue reading “Facebooking Gehry, Solar Energy Spheres, Secret Shenmue 3 & E-C-W is Born! – WIRed #10”

ECW Secedes from the NWA as Shane Douglas Denounces NWA Title (1994)


In 1994, after World Championship Wrestling (WCW) withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), their Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) territory became the most televised wrestling show within the entire NWA.   Due to this, the tournament for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship was held in ECW’s home territory in Philadelphia, PA on August 27, 1994. After feeling like they were under the thumb of the power plays and unfair politics from the NWA board and officials, ECW began contemplating a plan to secede from the NWA in a controversial and public manner that would attract wide attention to ECW and insult the NWA organization as a final act of defiance.  Check out the rest of the story and the video of the “Birth of Extreme” incident below. Continue reading “ECW Secedes from the NWA as Shane Douglas Denounces NWA Title (1994)”