Retired Colts Punter Pat McAfee Is Starting His Journey in Pro Wrestling…

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Colts Fan Forum – Indianapolis Colts

Pat McAfee, who recently retired from the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts at the age of 30 as their punter, had become a favorite of many sports fans for his on-field antics — like his awesomely long celebration after a great punt against the Jets where he went all Razor Ramon on ’em — and amazing social media presence — particularly after the firing of the polarizing former Colts general manager. For the next phase of his life, he’s developed a blossoming stand-up career, and he even built himself a wrestling ring, and has recently taken some advisory meetings with Rip Rogers, a veteran wrestler and head trainer of former WWE and TNA development promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling. Continue reading “Retired Colts Punter Pat McAfee Is Starting His Journey in Pro Wrestling…”

The Heidi Bowl – Geek Me Five #3

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the lead-up, the incident, and the lasting legacy of the infamous “Heidi Bowl” from 1968, as the New York Jets played the Oakland Raiders, and the movie that interrupted the broadcast of one of the greatest comebacks in pro football history. Continue reading “The Heidi Bowl – Geek Me Five #3”

The 10 Best Football Players To Get Into Wrasslin’

Mongo vs. Reggie White

The Ravens defeated the 49ers in the Super Bowl two weeks ago (you know, the game that was initially a blowout so the lights went off because God switched the channel and Bane TOTES DID NOT show up), so this week I feel compelled to share this list from on the 10 best football legends to ever square off in the wrestling ring, with the ranking based on the quality of their football careers (so sorry, no Bill Goldberg here; he did MORE than good-enough on the wrestling side of things than the football side of things).   Continue reading “The 10 Best Football Players To Get Into Wrasslin’”