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Astell & Kern’s $999 ‘heavyweight portable media player’ Kann; no, that’s NOT a typo…

Astell & Kern’s newest portable music player (or PMP with no “I”; sorry 50) — the $999 Kann — is out now, and for a portable media player, it has some pretty impressive modern-day inclusions.  This fact is interesting since most high-end portable music players are slow to included extra bells-and-whistles, if at all.  Not only is the Kann huge — it’s just over an inch thick (25.6mm) and weighs over half a pound (278.7g) — it includes a massive 6000mAh battery (for a supposed battery life of 14 hours), an integrated powered headphone amp, and both micro SD and full-size SD card slots. Keep in mind, this thing IS ONE-THOUSAND DOLLARS. Continue reading Astell & Kern’s $999 ‘heavyweight portable media player’ Kann; no, that’s NOT a typo…


Here’s A Spotify Playlist of Songs Full of Architectural Shout-Outs!

It doesn’t take too much time to consider that the artistic value, inspiration, and composition of architecture and music can often intersect one another; you also don’t need to have an awesome friend like Dr. Faye A Hays to tell you that, but it helps. ArchDaily’s sister site ArchDaily Brasil partnered up with Spotify to create a music playlist featuring songs with many references to architecture and urbanism. The songs in the included playlist contain anything from shout-outs to notable cities, iconic buildings and revered architects. In the list you’ll hear anything from David Bowie singing about Philip Johnson (Doc’D, episode 53) to Laurie Anderson referring to Buckminster Fuller and The Beatles acting concerned about their visits to minimalist apartments (hmmm, I smell a sitcommmmmmmmm…..)

Watch and Listen to The Star Wars Theme Being Played on Floppy Drives…

Five years ago in 2011, Paweł Zadrożniak, a university student in Poland, hooked up two floppy disk drives and began making music. Now, he’s assembled a full symphony, which he calls the “Floppotron,” a large assembly that includes 64 floppy drives and eight 8-channel controllers with envelope stimulation.  The device was shown in a video on his posted to his blog. showing off the improvement made from the original two-drive setup over the course of five years. Continue reading Watch and Listen to The Star Wars Theme Being Played on Floppy Drives…

#HappyStarWarsDay! Here’s J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the new Star Wars cantina song…

Today, Abrams joined Miranda, as part of #Ham4Ham, the tradition in which Miranda and the Hamilton cast give short street performances to crowds that are unable to get into Wednesday and Saturday performances of the awesomely-nominated-for-SIXTEEN-Tony-Awards Hamilton, put on this collaboration live on the streets of New York.

The song, titled “Jabba Flow” — Miranda says the song’s lyrics are in Jabba the Hutt’s native language — will be available to stream on the official Star Wars website and is currently available for purchase on iTunes for 99¢. However, you could just watch and re-watch the live performance clip above all day long!

Here’s a Full Swedish Orchestra performing a Mega Man Medley…

The eight-minute video above is something else.  It features the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, comprised of people in their 50s (or older), many of whom have likely never played a game in the Mega Man series, flawlessly perform theme songs from the games.  It is quite the amazing sight! Most of the set has music from Mega Man 3, but also includes music from 1 and 2, as themes representing Spark Man and Elec Man sound as if they were part of a film score. In other words, it’s wonderful to hear the music I’m used to hearing on the NES now being played by a full orchestra.

Hear/Here’s Wale’s freestyle “Legit Boss,” inspired by Sasha Banks

It’s no secrete that Wale is a huge fan of pro wrestling, and now he’s recently put together an audio love-letter/shout-out praising one of the best and hottest (as in BOTH talent and looks) women wrestlers — and cousin of the Snoop D-O-double G — Sasha Banks. Folarin’s “Legit Boss” freestyle borrows the WWE Diva’s nickname for its title, then takes her entrance music and chops it up like I’m in Houston, Texas in the mid-2000’s as Wale spits his hot fire. He keeps it 100% complimentary, as well as admitting “every week I spend at least 180 minutes looking for her.” But to be honest, he’s DEFINITELY not the only one doing that. Guilty.

Do Not Play This HTML5 Drum Machine If You Have Any Plans Today…


This is the new HTML-909 Rhythm Composer, an insanely addictive and fun HTML5 Drum Machine that lets you to create beats in your browser, has now arrived to take ALL of your attention. The prior version was modeled after the legendary Roland TR-808, however the HTML-909 is modeled — let’s see if you’ve guessed it already — after the equally-legendary Roland TR-909. Continue reading Do Not Play This HTML5 Drum Machine If You Have Any Plans Today…

“Oases” Pays Tribute To A Grandfather Lost In a Plane Crash

Beautiful Game Pays Tribute To Grandfather Lost In a Plane Crash

This is Oases, a game about flying along the pulsing music and beautiful colors appearing all around you. The game comes off as simplistic, personal, and it serves as an interpretation of what may have happened to the developer’s grandfather after his plane disappeared back in 1960.

The game’s designer, Armel Gibson, gives the full setup:

“My grandfather’s plane was reported lost in 1960 during the Algeria Independence War, days before the birth of his first child. This is what I like to think happened to him.”

Continue reading “Oases” Pays Tribute To A Grandfather Lost In a Plane Crash

Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Google Music Player

Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Google Music Player

Well crap; now I gotta buy ANOTHER Raspberry Pi….said no one in a disgruntled way EVER (since I currently has two; a B+ running RetroPie and a Pi 2 running Plex Media Server)!  Anyway, personally (and for MANY other people), Google Play’s a pretty easy way to get access to all your music. So, should you find yourself looking to build a tiny standalone device for playing that music, GitHub user fredley created a simple little front end piece of software that’s pretty easy to use. Continue reading Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Google Music Player

The Walkman – Doc’D #14

In this month’s technology-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, the awesomeness and the legacy of the Sony Walkman. Continue reading The Walkman – Doc’D #14