Some Hackers Built a Prosthetic Nerf Blaster That Fires by Flexing Your Arms!


BRUH! WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS A KID! I had to use my hands like it was a baby’s toy! Anyway, this was done for a pretty good cause, though. A group of hackers at Hackerloop wanted to level the Nerf-fighting playing field for Nicholas Huchet, an individual who didn’t have a full arm, by building him a custom Nerf blaster prosthetic with the ability to automatically fire a projectile by simply contracting his forearm muscles. According to the Medium post, Hackerloop’s Valentin Squirelo chronicled the build in great detail, which included the use of custom 3D-printed parts, Arduino-based electronics, some electromyography sensors that could detect muscle movements, and — of course — a couple of hard-to-find Nerf Swarmfire blasters (hint: the blasters’ round design was VERY optimal for the build). Continue reading “Some Hackers Built a Prosthetic Nerf Blaster That Fires by Flexing Your Arms!”

The “History of Wrestling Games” Series by Ben Richey

Let me take you to the land of YouTube, where Ben Richey, main proprietor and top dawg of Richey Productions, hosts one of his main web series which focus on video games.  For this post, I want to focus on one of my favorite series on his channel (and on YouTube, in general), which is “HWG,” or “The History of Wrestling Games,” which Richey and Curtis play nearly EVERY wrestling spanning a vast variety of gaming consoles.  The games played and reviewed in the series range from the good to the bad, the popular to the obscure, the pixellated to the graphically realistic, and from fictional wrestling promotions to the real-world ones. You might come across some familiar titles that you have fond (or terrible) memories of, and be introduced to a wide-range of titles that you may have missed along the way.  You can watch EVERY VIDEO from the series so-far (with MORE episodes coming) after the break! Continue reading “The “History of Wrestling Games” Series by Ben Richey”