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New Trailer and Release Date for ‘Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days’

If you’ve ever felt the eagerness to hop into the world of any movie from Quentin Tarantino, than you might enjoy this bit of news. A new cinematic-style trailer and release date has been announced for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, which will be out on PC and Steam on May 18  (that’s NEXT month!). The game centers around the bank robbery plot of the classic Quentin Tarantino film and turns it into a top-down shooter, similar to the popular Hotline Miami (one of my favorite games) with the stylized 3D graphics a’la Team Fortress 2, and a unique time-rewind mechanic. There’s currently no final price for the game, however you can get a quick look at the game with a new trailer posted above.



Netflix’s New ‘GLOW’ Series Finally Set A Release Date: June 23rd, 2017!

GLOW, Netflix’s reimagining of the ’80s cult-classic professional wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — executive produced by Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan — has finally announced a release date for said series, stating via the above teaser trailer that the ten-episode series debuts on June 23rd, 2017. The show stars Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) as a struggling actress who joins the weekly episodic women’s wrestling television program as her final shot at fame. Continue reading Netflix’s New ‘GLOW’ Series Finally Set A Release Date: June 23rd, 2017!

An All-New “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” Trailer!

Holy crap, this movie comes out in ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS?!?! AND Logan comes out THIS FRIDAY?!? AND Power Rangers in THREE WEEKS?!? AND Ghost in the Shell THE WEEK AFTER?!? Jeezus! Anyway, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chris Pratt stopped by to introduce a tease trailer — for the actual, full-length second trailer — for the upcoming theatrical addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and sequel to the surprise summer hit of 2014), Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.  Once again, the universe needs saving and there’s no one more suited to the job than Marvel’s ragtag group of misfits.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, directed by James Gunn, hits theaters on May 5.

Now You Can Watch EVERY DAY from Groundhog Day…AT THE SAME TIME!!

Groundhog Day is an interesting and unique movies that somehow has the ability to balance the weight of its central premise — which is essentially time-travel via the constant repetition of a single day — while still showcasing excellent character development and laughs. To be honest, it definitely helps with Bill Murray’s performance as weatherman Phil Connors, and you gain an appreciation for how well the detailed replication of that same, single day — including the people in the background of each-and-every scene, and Connors’ response to the situation, ranging from confusion to frustration, to arrogance, to depression, to benevolence to more — but that’s often only noticed if you’ve repeatedly watched the film over-and-over again.  So today, The PractitioNERD wishes to give you this wonderful present on this Groundhog Day  in the year of our Lord twenty-seventeen, and now you can take in the film’s central premise with this YouTube video, titled “Groundhog Day – Every Day in One Day.” Also, go watch Groundhog Day.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) – Geek Me Five #21

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing five simple and interesting facts about the classic, and NO, he’s not being sarcastic, 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

1) “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)” [http://amzn.to/2h5mEbM]
2) “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The IDW Collection) [https://goo.gl/9aUvP9]
3) “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour” [https://goo.gl/XpyiUn] Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) – Geek Me Five #21

The Final Trailer for “Assassin’s Creed” Film Raises Expections

Well, very soon Assassin’s Creed, the latest film adaptation of Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed action-adventure franchise, will premiere. Hoping that this could be the project to break through the oft-negative stereotypes of videogame-to-film projects, 20th Century Fox released one last new trailer (DANG, there’s been A LOT of those lately, huh?) for the film, along with a one minute-long excerpt from the movie. Continue reading The Final Trailer for “Assassin’s Creed” Film Raises Expections

Watch the Architecture Profession take a Satirical Turn in “The Architect”…

Aside from the frequent looks into the life of architect Ted Moseby from the TV series “How I Met Your Mother,” the architecture field hasn’t quite been a target for satire in the entertainment space. That brings me to “The Architect“, a new film directed by Jonathan Parker that brings forth the drama and comedy of the profession. The film features a humorous — yet somewhat believable in some cases — satire of architects, with character of the egocentric, self-centered and grandiose architect Miles Moss, portrayed by James Frain, who is working with a couple who wants him to design their dream home. Well golly-gee-whiz; what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!? Continue reading Watch the Architecture Profession take a Satirical Turn in “The Architect”…

Watch the new ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer!

The newest trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman stand-alone film puts more of Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) fighting capabilities on display, and shows a hint of a modern-set framing device to the film’s core World War I-era story. Essentially, the film is working as both a prequel/origin story for the character, as well as a follow-up to her silver-screen debut appearance in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — note: watch ONLY the Ultimate Edition/Director’s Cut of that movie; the Theatrical Version does NOT exist… #ShortRantOver

Anyway, Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, arrives in theaters on June 2nd 2017.

Michael Myers – Geek Me Five #16

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing five simple and interesting facts about Michael Myers, the main character of the classic horror-slasher film franchise, ‘Halloween’. Continue reading Michael Myers – Geek Me Five #16

Dude, these ‘Power Rangers’ Zord Teaser Posters are Pretty, Freakin’ Sweet!

Lionsgate and Saban Films have released a slew of new character posters for next year’s Power Rangers film, showing each of the Rangers posing with their corresponding Zord, which they use as gigantic assault vehicles to pilot in battle. The MegaZord, also from the original series, combined the assault vehicles into a humanoid body (a’la Voltron) to create the ultimate fighting robot. Also, I think it’s fair to say that the Blue and Yellow Rangers have the best posters, but all five are pretty great. Power Rangers, also starring Elizabeth Banks as the evil Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston as Zordon, teleports into theaters March 24, 2017 (one week before Ghost in the Shell).