The IT Crowd – Geek Me Five #9

0118 999 881 999 119 725…3! Anyway, in this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the the British critically-acclaimed Channel Four series, The IT Crowd, in five points. Don’t worry, I won’t think you’re from the past…
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Do You Like Your Favorite Video Game Characters Refined or Cutesy?

We are used to seeing our favorite video game characters as blips, pixels, polygons, hand-drawings, and examples of the “uncanny valley,” but British graphic artist extraordinaire Olly Moss has put together two more example of how we can see our pixellated idols: silhouettes and 3D-paper dolls.  Moss — an avid gamer — took some of the most iconic gaming heroes and did two things with them:

1) Created some “high-class”, old money-looking classically styled silhouettes

2) Put together some precious and adorable paper doll-like drawings

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