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“Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” from WebMastersJury

While many people get the competitive rush from playing card/board games, video games, sports and the like, many others add the aspect of gambling to the competition.  While it’s possible to responsibly gamble (moderation is key, as does gambling with items of little-to-zero monetary value), some people can easily get swept up in it.  The following infographic after the break titled “Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” contains a ton of sourced information about many celebrities and their different backgrounds with and the ups-and-downs of gambling addiction, from the small, to the moderate, to the potentially (and “actually”, in some cases) devastating. Continue reading “Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” from WebMastersJury


These New ATMs in Macau REQUIRE You to Show Your Face to Use Them…

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Many consider the Macau region of China to be the gambling capital of Earth, so — according to Bloomberg — in an effort to improve bank security (while also allowing China to monitor how their money moves in and out of the country), they are upgrading all 1,200 of their ATMs with facial recognition cameras. Here’s how they’re going to work: a user wanting to make a withdrawal will need to enter their PIN, followed by staring into the facial recognition lens for six seconds for identity verification. So, cool (in terms of technology) AND creepy (in terms of privacy and liberty) at the same time, but it is THEIR money and THEY want to track it NOW!

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Black Friday – Geek Me Five #19

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, significance and the….why is this a thing?…. about Black Friday.

1) “Why Is It Called Black Friday,” Wonderopolis [https://goo.gl/sNrxrW]
2) “The Meaning of Black Friday,” by Guy Rundle, Jacobin Magazine [https://goo.gl/BO61sp]
3) “What’s the Real History of Black Friday,” by Sarah Pruitt, History Channel [https://goo.gl/Ne3gbX]

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“Power House” Can Teach You AND Your Kids How to Lower Your Utility Bills!

This Game Can Teach You and Your Kids How to Lower Utility Bills

Water and power are things we have to pay for when living in your house, apartment, condo, or hole-of-choice/convenience, but there are plenty of things you can do to lower that pesky utility bill. Here’s a game developed by Stanford University and the U.S. Department of Energy that’s free, entertaining, and can educating you on the importance of using water and power ONLY when you NEED it. Continue reading “Power House” Can Teach You AND Your Kids How to Lower Your Utility Bills!

What’s Messed Up About ATM Fees…

Now THAT’S A Funny Birthday Card…

Insert Bill? Makes Sense to Me…

Possibly the BEST Amazon Review Ever!

God Bless Capitalism…

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You: The Ray Solar-Powered Charger

It’s a bright, sunny day. You’re traveling in the car and it packed with other people, all of them are using their electronic devices, ranging from phones, video game systems, etc. However, you’ve run into a problem; the car has only so many plugs for car adapters, all of them are being used, and your phone is running out of juice (AND YOU NEED IT FOR GPS!!!!). Enter The Ray Solar Charger.

The Ray Solar Charger is an invention from Brandon Craven, and this device has a suction cup around the solar cells and a tilting kickstand/support arm that can be used as cable storage, as well as allowing the device to be set in multiple positions to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.  The device’s other features include: compact battery stores enough energy to fully charge a cell phone, USB port allows for easy charging, suction cup attaches to windows, kickstand swings down for stability on flat surfaces, USB cords can be tucked for storage into kickstand when folded closed, and LED indicator light shows status of Ray’s battery.

The Ray Solar Charger is currently available for pre-sale only over at Quirky.com. If enough people purchase this device for $39.99, it’ll hit full production and could be readily available for retail. Currently, the device is nearly 58% toward that goal.

[Thanks Quirky and Gizmodo]

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