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BMW buys parking app Parkmobile to in tackling urban traffic woes

Between the rise of hybrid, electric and self-driving autonomous vehicles (among other automobile advancements), automakers around the world are seeing the next great frontier in the driving experience, which includes FINDING A DARN, AVAILABLE PARKING SPOT! It appears that the German car-maker BMW was thinking the same thing, as they have gone from being a minority stakeholder in Parkmobile — described as the largest mobile parking services provider in North America with a footprint over 1 million+ parking spaces — back in 2004 to going all-in by outright buying the app completely. It looks like BMW isn’t just content on profiting from car sales; they was to solve issues with, again, FINDING A DARN, AVAILABLE PARKING SPOT!

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So, A Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone Exists. We Have Entered the End Times…

Image result for fidget spinner phone chilli

Well, of course THIS is a THING. It turns out that Hong Kong-based Chilli International’s fidget spinner phone has been around for a while. Last week, the device popped-up over on Reddit, but back in September, PhoneRadar released a hands-on video with the device.  The mobile phone comes in six different colors, includes a tiny 1.4-inch screen, includeds a web browser and Bluetooth connectivity, but only comes with 32MB (yes, MEGABYTES) of on-board storage (that’s expandable to 8GB with an SD card). This very is very simple and basic, similar to the feature phones that existed before smartphone took the reigns. The fidget phone is currently priced at $20, and while it’s only sold in India, you can find other versions of it on Amazon. Continue reading So, A Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone Exists. We Have Entered the End Times…

Google De-Lists 300 Apps (used for DDos Attacks) from the Android Play Store…

android oreo livestream

Should you discover on your Android device this morning that your favorite 3rd-party video player, ringtone app or storage manager has vanished, it’s okay; it was for your own good.  This morning, Google removed a whopping 300 apps from the Play Store that allow the hijacking of your phone as part of a botnet’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while pretending to be legitimate programs. The botnet in question is called WireX, which was behind the DDoS attacks of many online content providers and delivery networks between August 2nd and 14th, while sometimes acting as ransomware (with the intention of demanding money from those inflicted).

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Are YOU Enjoying the ‘Rick & Morty’/’Pokemon’ Mash-Up Game, ‘Pocket Mortys’?


Adult Swim recently released Pocket Mortys, a new mobile game (Android and iOS) on January 14, and I was pretty stoked about it when it was teased a couple of weeks ago. Simply put, it’s essentially Pokemon with a Rick and Morty skin — and it’s a free game. In case you’re confused and/or not familiar with the show, universes that contain multiple versions of Morty are a common theme in the show, as Morty’s grandfather Rick travels through space and time. Allons-y…er…uh…WUBALUBADUBDUB!! Continue reading Are YOU Enjoying the ‘Rick & Morty’/’Pokemon’ Mash-Up Game, ‘Pocket Mortys’?

Carrier-Free SIM Cards Are HERE…in Holland.

Photo: Shutterstock / Albert Lozano

The country of Holland has quite the experience when it comes to tolerating things that other countries deem illegal (**wink-wink**).  However, this tiny nation has recently approved something other than that thing that could be used for medicinal reasons. Holland passed a measure that ratified the use of blank SIM cards untied to a specific (or ANY) wireless carrier, allowing the ability for users to make whatever tweaks possible for them to use any wireless network that is best for them. Continue reading Carrier-Free SIM Cards Are HERE…in Holland.

“The Ballad of Vic Tokai” – Doc’D #3

This weeks episode of Doc’D is centered around the history of video game developer Vic Tokai.  Well, actually they TECHNICALLY weren’t a traditional game studio. Well, maybe they TECHNICALLY dabbled in other techy businesses….but still, they made Clash at Demonhead. Clash at Demonhead… Continue reading “The Ballad of Vic Tokai” – Doc’D #3

A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11

This week, this house is brought to you by the letter “Y,” you can soon talk to the hand (literally), behind the scenes on indie game development, and how to be a pro wrestling art snob.
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11

WWE to Release Official App for Android & iOS Soon…

WWE is close to finishing their official app for Apple iOS and Android platforms. The app will contain WWE’s latest news, a large library of videos, photo galleries and more.  With the WWE app, you will have access to breaking news, a huge WWE video library (current and classic), and thousands of action-packed photos.  Also, WWE promises that with a slide, swipe or tap of a finger, you can discover a few exclusive surprises that can only be found on the dedicated WWE app.

Currently, WWE had relied on its WWE Mobile services, which consists mostly of short-code text messaging, SMS text alerts, and mobile web browsing, which is great for those who still rock so-called dumb-phones (i.e., NOT smartphones).  With a more uniform and native app for download on smartphone devices, WWE will be able to better streamline those existing services along with these newer features.

[Thanks WWE.com]

Mechs in a Hospital, Walking Tank, & Transformers; but not Wrestling – WIRed #6

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD is full of mechs getting into architecture (a Mobile Hospital unit), technology (the Kuratas Mobile Suit), videogames (G1 Optimus Prime in “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron”), but misses pro wrestling (Shawn Michaels vs. Buddy Landell, Smokey Mountain Wrestling).

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The Mobile Container Hospitals, aka the “Insta-Hospital”!

This is the Mobile Hospital, a container that expands into a medical structure three times its original size, created by designer Kukil Han. The structure can carry the beds, supplies, and has the ability to combine up to four modules to create a mini-hospital with four wings.  Han was influenced by the idea of having a “go-anywhere” solution for providing medical aid to victims globally of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. Continue reading The Mobile Container Hospitals, aka the “Insta-Hospital”!