“Invisible” 3D DOOM Stingers! – WIRed #114


It’s time for Episode 114 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses an “invisible” reconstruction, the Easy Bake 3D Printer, play DOOM on an ATM, and the man they call Sting descends from the rafters! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.

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The Reconstruction of Building Ostrava-Svinov; SHOW ME THE DISTILLERY!

Here in Ostrava-Svinov, Peterkova (long story short, the Czech Republic) there’s this reconstruction of the former small portable building with changing rooms designed by authorial team PROJEKTSTUDIO (with David Kotek, David Pospiech operating as the Architects in Charge and Jan Müller as Engineer) is located in an area of the former Svinov distillery  – Ostrava’s national monument. The facade of the 3638 square foot house — that was completed last year — is made of composite panels in with a mirror-like chrome color treatment, reflecting images of the existing hundred-year old distillery. With this interesting take on “masking” results in the newly-designed object becoming invisible – sort of like stealth-cloaking mechanism. Continue reading “The Reconstruction of Building Ostrava-Svinov; SHOW ME THE DISTILLERY!”

Some NASA Engineers Built a Complex Bullet-Time Rig. Just For Fun.


Rather than spinning the GoPro camera itself in his earlier bullet-time rig (which also used a fan and two flashlights), Mark Rober and another engineer friend from NASA JPL designed a newer revision (the latest of at least FIFTEEN revisions), where the rig uses a high-end Phantom camera and a scooter motor to spin two mirrors on aluminum arms. This way, the team was able to get that coveted rotating-around-an-object perspective, while the super-expensive camera is safe, sound and stationary on the ground below, shooting at an insanely awesome 7,200 frames per second. Check out that image on the left; it’s really pretty amazing.  Check the link below for the video. Continue reading “Some NASA Engineers Built a Complex Bullet-Time Rig. Just For Fun.”

The Mirrorcube Treehouse: Your Next Online Purchase?

Have you ever been so in touch with nature that you just have the urge to live amongst the trees? Ok, let me turn the drama down a little bit; Swedish architecture firm Tham and Videgård had been working on a conceptual house called the “Treehotel.” The goal of the prefabricated structure is to be able to provide cheap, sustainable living while being suspended among trees. AND YOU CAN BUY ONE NOW!! Continue reading “The Mirrorcube Treehouse: Your Next Online Purchase?”