The PlayStation Classic Mini-Console is Arriving December 3rd!

On September 19, Sony announced and revealed the PlayStation Classic, a mini-console that will play 20 pre-loaded PlayStation classic games. The release date is set for December 3, 2018, arriving a little over 24 years after the console was first released in 1994 in Japan (and 1995 elsewhere). Continue reading “The PlayStation Classic Mini-Console is Arriving December 3rd!”

The Luxor Mini, an Auto-focusing Flashlight That’s Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket…

After a period of successful crowdfunding campaigns starting in 2014, PLX Devices was able to release its innovative adaptive digital focus Luxor flashlight to market. The original Luxor from 2014 had a digital focusing system, adjusting the width of the light beam without lenses or moving parts. Its 2015 follow-up, The Luxor 2, added an automatic adjustment feature that changes the width of the beam based on its surroundings, where its pointed, and its positioned. Now, the company announced the Luxor Mini, and PDL Devices promises that it’ll be the best device they’ve offered to date. Continue reading “The Luxor Mini, an Auto-focusing Flashlight That’s Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket…”

The Raspberry Pi Zero W, NOW WITH Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Costs $10

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a great, tinier, $5 version of the Raspberry Pi that shrinks down the star of the original board to something resembling the size of a stick of gum. It was recently announced that the upcoming and updated Raspberry Pi Zero W, while including the same CPU and RAM as the original Pi Zero (even the Pi 1), NOW includes built-in Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi LAN — similar to the Pi 3 — for only $10! Continue reading “The Raspberry Pi Zero W, NOW WITH Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Costs $10”

Disaster Relief Housing, In Case of Next ‘Superstorm’

Exterior Of The Prefabricated Relief Housing Units. Image Courtesy of GOTHAMIST / JAKE DOBKIN

With memories of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina carved into the minds of many Americans, it’s kind of a “no-duh” assumption that temporary, post-disaster relief housing is needed and absolutely necessary. A collaboration between New York City’s Office of Emergency Management and Garrison Architects has resulted in the development of a system of modular, prefabricated housing meant to relieve any displaced citizens during the next hurricane, flood, and other natural disaster. The units  — like the prototype set on display in Brooklyn — measure at roughly 40′ by 100′ long, contain a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and storage spaces, and are able to be set into the smaller nooks and crannies of any city. Continue reading “Disaster Relief Housing, In Case of Next ‘Superstorm’”

Peaceful, Non-Violent & EPIC ‘Drive-By’ Photography

Johnny Tergo is a photographer based in Los Angeles who has developed an interesting way in snapping some awesome shots. Since he’s already a frequent traveler, he wanted to take advantage of the time he spends commuting, which takes the idea of “drive-by” and turns it on its ear.  Tergo built a custom camera and lighting rig inside his Chevy Silverado, allowing him to take great-quality pictures while he’s on the road.  This is definitely the type of drive-by that I can get behind. HOORAY POSITIVITY!   Continue reading “Peaceful, Non-Violent & EPIC ‘Drive-By’ Photography”