Some Wonderful Soul Recreated WrestleMania 31 In Minecraft, And It’s Awesome!

I understand Minecraft. I understand the interest in creating and building structures, vast worlds, raise animals and much more in a virtual environment; similar to LEGO.  However, I am not that much into Minecraft as a game; it doesn’t quite tickle my fancy and I’m almost positive that has more to do with that childhood injury I suffered after falling off that bike and permanently … Continue reading Some Wonderful Soul Recreated WrestleMania 31 In Minecraft, And It’s Awesome!

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It’s ‘Watch_Dogs’…’Minecraft’-Style!

Watch Dogs Isn't Out, But It's Already Getting The Minecraft Treatment

While the game that I originally pre-ordered with my PlayStation 4 — yup, Watch_Dogs — might not be out yet, that gives no excuse for clever and creative Minecraft players to not create some awesomeness for us to enjoy. Why, well it’s kind of become common knowledge among gamers that Minecraft players will recreate just about everything in block-form, right? Continue reading “It’s ‘Watch_Dogs’…’Minecraft’-Style!”

Minecraft Architecture OnCue DiveKickING RAW Theme – WIRed #58

This week on a journalistic-focused (or something) episode of WIRed, Minecraft players assist in an architecture firm’s proposal project, Intel takes on cable and satellite services with OnCue, the simplicity and awesomeness of ‘DiveKick’, and the theme to ‘RAW is WAR’ with its supposedly-correct lyrics and band line-up… Continue reading “Minecraft Architecture OnCue DiveKickING RAW Theme – WIRed #58”

Design firm Equator to Propose a Project with Minecraft Submissions

Once again, the realms of architecture and gaming are merging once again. Equator — an architecture firm from Sweden — and Mojang –  the creators of Minecraft — are partnering up by inviting players of the popular game to submit ideas for an architecture competition to be hosted within the game.  Equator and Mojang’s Minecraft design competition is part of a 2023 housing project by HSB Stockholm in Kungsbroplan. The competition being held by the housing company aims to view a variety of ideas related to the future of housing. Continue reading “Design firm Equator to Propose a Project with Minecraft Submissions”

INTRODUCING the “Ouya”; The First Open Source Home Gaming Console

That’s right, move over PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the soon-to-be released Wii U!  Here comes the Ouya to knock you off of your respective roosts. /sarcasm. Still, this a very interesting little gaming console.  The Ouya was announced on July 3, 2012 as a new home video game console, made by a team of design and tech know-hows led by the CEO of Boxer8, Julie Uhrman. On July 10, Ouya started a Kickstarter campaign to see how many people were interested in the project and wanted to donate. Boxer8 confirmed having a working prototype with in-progress software and user interface, and is expected to have their own online store for applications and games. The prototype runs on a modified version of  the Android 4.0 operating system (a.k.a., “Ice Cream Sandwich”), features many high-end specs, and a budget price tag of $99.  As of July 18, 2012 at 3:00PM CST, the Ouya kickstarter had raised US$5,072,076 with 21 days to go in the fundraising, far FAR ahead of its goal of US$950,00.   Continue reading “INTRODUCING the “Ouya”; The First Open Source Home Gaming Console”

Who Wants a LEGO Portal 2 Set? I DO!

LEGO CUUSOO is a forum website set up by LEGO where the community and share their ideas for concept LEGO sets, allow others to vote for your idea, and should you receive enough votes of support, the idea will be produced from a concept into an real LEGO product.  A few weeks ago, a four-man team named “Team Jigsaw” designed these concepts and submitted them to the LEGO CUUSOO initiative, hoping to have their idea have similar success of Mojang’s Minecraft set, which has recently become an real product.  Only one problem: Team Jigsaw does not own the Portal license (Valve does), and the LEGO initially refused to accept their project and Portal as a valid license.  Well, just a few days ago, the project is NOW available for voting on LEGO CUUSOO. The concept is currently sitting at just over 5,000 votes, but if it can reach 10,000 votes in one month, the LEGO Portal set will join the LEGO Minecraft set and become an actual consumer product!  Check out the concept images after the break!   Continue reading “Who Wants a LEGO Portal 2 Set? I DO!”

Thank GE for the Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft!

It appears that General Electric (GE) has enough time in their schedule — aside from creating, inventing, innovating and making money — to completely recreate the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower into the popular sandbox independent video game Minecraft, designed by Swedish game creator Markus “Notch” Persson and his company, Mojang. Continue reading “Thank GE for the Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft!”