You’re Not Seeing Things; Microsoft Brings 1st Office App to Linux

LET THE INVASION BEGIN!! Yesterday, Microsoft Teams was released in a public preview phase to the Linux operating system via native Linux packages in two formats: .deb and .rpm. The app doesn’t differ in the looks department compared to it Windows and macOS brethren, and the goal of this release to for Microsoft to further push Teams as a bridge for the implementation of other Office apps (i.e. Word, et al) and teamwork that supports the mixed environments that are reliant on the Linux platform. But let’s be real here: Microsoft is releasing Teams on Linux to go after Slack on another front.

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Microsoft’s Seeing AI App adds Five More Languages to Assist the Blind

While the Microsoft Seeing AI has proven to be successful for assisting the blind by describing objects and text, the only issue has been that it’s only been available in English, so you’re crap-outta-luck if that’s not your first language. Thankfully,  Microsoft recently updated the free (and currently) iOS-only app with five additional languages that it can support: Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.  This means that Seeing can now process and describe things like signs or the facial expressions of other people to help the blind use the proper words in their (at least from the current six) home languages.

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Get Ready for a Live Performance of “Devil May Cry 5” TONIGHT at The Game Awards

Later this week — by “later”, I mean TONIIIIIIGHT, TONIIIIGHT — will be the live broadcast (and stream) of the 2018 edition of The Game Awards 2018, which will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. We can likely look forward to some an evening of surprise game announcements and updates, excitement for the award wins and (of course) some disappointment with some … Continue reading Get Ready for a Live Performance of “Devil May Cry 5” TONIGHT at The Game Awards

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You Can Now Enjoy The Wonders of ‘Windows 95’ as an App on Your Modern Computer!

Enjoy the above video first. It’s quite a treat.

Now, back in the days of my youth, when it came to personal computer technology, Windows 95 was the end-all, be-all. At the age of 9, I was dumbfounded that the smoothness, organized, and crisp structure of the operating system. It was everything different from the Windows 3.1 I was used to using at school and BOY OH BOY was it great for gaming (back in my early days of PC gaming). Well now, for all of those who’ve missed out on experiencing this legendary operating system, you can try out this close approximation of Windows 95 as  an app on Apple’s MacOS, Microsoft’s Windows 10, and Linux. Continue reading “You Can Now Enjoy The Wonders of ‘Windows 95’ as an App on Your Modern Computer!”

‘Sea of Thieves’ Gets a LITERAL Day One Patch; We See You, Rare…

Darkwizard98 (Reddit)

Over at the Sea of Thieves subreddit, where Rare — the game’s developer — have been taking feedback and suggestions from the game’s community, someone asked Rare for a day one patch. While games receiving day one patches is a (sometimes unfortunate) normal thing nowadays to iron out some issues and add features upon a game’s release, this was something VERY different. Reddit user Jefabell wasn’t requesting an update to fix the game, but an actual patch with the number one on it for people’s game avatars to wear. So, Rare took the suggestion and made it a reality. Oh dear God; what have we done? Continue reading “‘Sea of Thieves’ Gets a LITERAL Day One Patch; We See You, Rare…”

The PractitioNERD’s “List ‘O Faves” Trailers from E3 2017!

Another E3 has come and gone, so here are some of The PractitioNERD’s favorite announcements made and presented at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo! Which includes (of course) Beyond Good and Evil 2 (OMG OMG OMG!!), Spider-Man, OG Xbox games and, wait….hold on…TWO METROID GAMES?!? HUZZAH!! Continue reading “The PractitioNERD’s “List ‘O Faves” Trailers from E3 2017!”

“PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review

Create and convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint online free  #pdf:

Back in the day (which I’m targeting at between 2003 and 2014), I remember using a number of programs and services to create PDFs from Microsoft Office (back when I USED to use it) files – from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – to creating Office files in those formats FROM a PDF file (which was a nightmare in many cases). Since I’ve moved to Google Drive exclusively as my office suite, I’ve had no issues translating Drive files to PDFs, but back in my days of using Office on an everyday basis, it can be best described as a coin toss in terms of PDF conversions working well. I was recently contacted by a representative from a company that offers a free, web-based PDF converter called, well,; which not only converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDFs, but ALSO converts from PDFs to those Microsoft Office files. After some quick testing with some older Office files I have and a work computer that was running Office 2007, I was left very impressed. Continue reading ““PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review”

Check Out the Cancelled (and Near-Finished) ‘Daredevil’ Game from 2002

As part of the superhero boom in the early 2000s that saw licensed films release in time for their silver-screen counterpart, there was meant to be a Daredevil: The Man Without Fear game. It began development in 2002 as a third-person action game for PlayStation 2, but after Marvel saw (and liked) the first prototype, they stepped in to oversee the project and have final say in all decisions (since they owned the rights to the character, so of course). When the game’s publisher, Encore, saw potential sales success with the movie, development expanded to PC and Xbox, and the game turned into an open-world action game set for release in early 2003, alongside the film. After that, boy OH BOY did the drama begin…
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Watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Right Here (UPDATE: IT’S OVER)

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