Tiny Apt. Old PCs UFC Women Retired Punk – WIRed #103


It’s time for Episode 103 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a compact (yet roomy) apartment complex, ‘Kids React’ to the Apple II, female grapplers in EA Sports UFC, and the retired life of CM Punk! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Tiny Apt. Old PCs UFC Women Retired Punk – WIRed #103”

Bosques Flats Is A Tiny, Tiny Apartment Project

This is the Bosques Flats by HGR Arquitectos (with lead architect Marcos Hagerman), and it is a six-unit housing project completed last year in Materiales de Guerra # 9, Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City. The building has three floors for housing, one basement for parking, and is located on an almost 2152-square-foot rectangular site containing only a street front of 32 feet and 65 feet deep. The site is also on a big slope, so the designers used the low point for an entrance for parking with the high point reserved for pedestrian access, allowing them to give the façade a nice contrast on either side. Continue reading “Bosques Flats Is A Tiny, Tiny Apartment Project”

Forget ‘WrestleMania’; THIS…IS…’TRIPLEMANIA’!!

Being a pro wrestling fan and a Texan, I hear an awful lot about lucha-libre wrestling, and I manage to watch it (particularly the AAA) on television on the local stations.  As part of promoting shows, I saw a lot of ads for an annual event called TripleMania.  Triplemanía is the biggest annual professional wrestling event promoted by the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (or the aforementioned “AAA”) promotion, and is traditionally held in May or June each year to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of promotion. The most recent event, Triplemanía XXI, took place on June 16, 2013, at the Mexico City Arena in México City, México — because, well, WHAT OTHER city or country would the Mexico City Arena be in. A majority of the shows have been pay-per-view events, with only a few shown as television specials. The show has been promoted for 20 years, with 27 shows in total under the Triplemanía banner, due to some Triplemanías being held as a series of two or three shows per year, but it has been a single show in recent years. The name is a combination of how “AAA” is pronounced in Spanish, “Triple A” and WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest annual show. Continue reading “Forget ‘WrestleMania’; THIS…IS…’TRIPLEMANIA’!!”

Look at this Lavish and Luminous Library

This building houses the personal library of the late-Antonio Castro Leal, Mexican diplomat and intellectual, in two bays at the north side of the north-west patio at the Ciudadela, his former home. Designed by architectural firm BGP Arquitectura, it was exhibited in a transparent area where the bookcases are attached onto walls to the full height of the ceiling.  The bookcases made of dark wood act as vertical elements that work in contrast with both the horizontal floors made of light wood and translucent glass, and finished by the custom white furniture. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to distinguish the four main areas from each other — reception room, teamwork area, research area and personal reading area — despite the huge open plan of the library.   Continue reading “Look at this Lavish and Luminous Library”