Did You Know You Could 3D-Print Metal?! Did You Know It’ll Be EASIER to 3D-Print Metal Thanks to Desktop Metal?!

The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)

© George Henrich

When explaining some of the features of their Week’nder building, located in Ashland County, Wisconsin, design firm Lazor Office states that the structure opens and closes, as the façades transition from transparent and bright to dark and opaque as you transverse around the exterior or the interior. The wood (plywood and pine) and steel (corrugated and smooth) supported building’s design and construction is based on two prefabricated modules delivered by truck and ferries, minimal concrete for foundation and bottle jacks instead of a crane. The combined parallel modules contained the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and additional infrastructure, and were joined together with a shared gable roof that itself created an shared and tent-like “dry-space”. The aforementioned design and structural materials give the weekend getaway cabin a rustic feel, as well as a additionally balanced coordination of various colors and textures. Continue reading “The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)”

Micro-Homes & Fist of Jesus! – WIRed #125


It’s time for Episode 125 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the rise of micro-housing in the United States, turn that working laptop screen into an external monitor, the awesome absurdity of Fist of Jesus, and remembering the WWF Forceable Entry album! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Micro-Homes & Fist of Jesus! – WIRed #125”

UPROXX Reflects on WWF Forceable Entry, 12 Years Later…

WWF Forceable Entry review

Of course, one of the trademarks of professional wrestling since the 1980’s has been music, primarily entrance music for the wrestlers.  From the early days of the WWF Wrestling Album in 198_ to the digital singles released today, we wrestling fans have been able to enjoy pumping up and jamming out to these tunes. Plus, we’d often imagining that WE ourselves are the wrestlers, walking down the ramp and jumping into the squared-circle (I’m POSITIVE that I’m not alone in this…).  UPROXX took a trip down memory lane to the year of 2002, when the World Wrestling Federation released an compilation album that combined rock/nü metal/rapcore talent (some may use that term loosely), entitled ‘WWF Forceable Entry’, and reflected in an interesting post-mortem 12 years after the album’s release. Continue reading “UPROXX Reflects on WWF Forceable Entry, 12 Years Later…”

Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!

It’s almost romantic. Almost. No, no it’s really not; but they are kind of a match made in design and science.  Musicians have their favorite instrument (and brand), video game enthusiasts have their favorite games, chefs have their favorite foods and spices to create their delicacies, and architects have their favorite material to utilized in the designs of their buildings. It seem’s appropriate to talk about the materials the these design professionals seem to love since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so….here we go! Continue reading “Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!”

For The Scrap Metal, Thieves Steal Entire Bridge. THE WHOLE BRIDGE!

Not the Bridge in Question, but credit to “namibsands.wordpress.com”

Wow; I guess you can steal pretty much ANYTHING now-a-days. Earlier this year, in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey , someone — like some PEOPLE — stole a 22-ton, 82-foot-long bridge. Yes; an ENTIRE bridge has vanished. The police suspect that the bridge was cut into sections, then removed onto a truck to sell the scrap metal for cold, hard cash, which it’s estimated value is around $11,000. Before the dastardly deed was done, local villagers use the bridge to access their orchards, but now many have to “take our socks off and cross the creek”, according to local resident, Mustafa Karakaş. Continue reading “For The Scrap Metal, Thieves Steal Entire Bridge. THE WHOLE BRIDGE!”

The AWESOME Descendants of Erdrick (Video Game Music Tribute Band)

Descendants of Erdrick is a video game music tribute band based in Austin, Texas – specializing in rock/progressive/metal renditions of music from RPG/Adventure game classics. This performance features: Amanda Lepre – Guitar, Brad Macchioni – Guitar, Jay Davis – Bass/Bass Synth, Jim Watson – Drums, and special guest Big Mat on synthesizers. This footage taken from MAGFest presents: Game Over Austin at Red 7 on February 3rd, 2013. Web: … Continue reading The AWESOME Descendants of Erdrick (Video Game Music Tribute Band)

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Guesthouse? This is a GUESTHOUSE? Niiice!

Again, this…is…the guesthouse! Three years after completion of the Tsai Residence, the homeowners approached the HHF team (known for using what already exists at a site as a source of inspiration) and Ai Weiwei to commission a guesthouse.  The main residence is a country house built for two art collectors along a wooded slope in upstate New York, two hours away from Manhattan. The guesthouse only needed three main elements: a bedroom, a workroom and a gallery for the two collectors’ art.   Continue reading “Guesthouse? This is a GUESTHOUSE? Niiice!”

Have A Spare Coffee Can? Turn It Into A Long Range Wi-Fi Extender

After digging through the remainder of coffee grounds for your morning “cup of joe”, you realize that your large metal coffee can is empty and bound for the recycle bin.  But wait, what about re-purposing that piece of  metal can into something that you can get a a lot of use from?  That sounds like a novel idea!  In only an afternoon (assuming you have the hardware parts necessary), you can turn a metal coffee can into an rustic-looking and fashionable Wi-Fi antenna or signal booster with an surprisingly long range.

Continue reading “Have A Spare Coffee Can? Turn It Into A Long Range Wi-Fi Extender”

Board Game "RISK" adapts to the Metal Gear Solid series

Snake? Snake! SNNNNNAAAAAAKKKKKE!!!!!! Ah yes, RISK; the classic turn-based strategy board game in which two to six players attempt to occupy every territory on the board and eliminate all competing forces.  Over the past 10 years or so, RISK has been going under a series of changes; from the major streamlining of the game’s rules back in 2008, to the multiple amount of licensed versions (i.e., Lord … Continue reading Board Game "RISK" adapts to the Metal Gear Solid series

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