Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81

It’s time for Episode 81 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses simple Spanish forest cabins, DIY Lo Jacks for your car, using Madden to get a job, and celebrating the indies! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81”

What Is Independent Pro Wrestling….AND MEMES!

The Stars of Tomorrow, Showcases Their Talents Today.  In professional wrestling, the independent circuit or “indy circuit” refers to the many independent promotions that are much smaller than major televised promotions. Essentially the indies are roughly analogous to the minor league for pro wrestling.  The advent of the Internet (namely blogs and online video services) has allowed independent wrestlers and promotions to reach a wider audience (a far cry from the days of tape trading), and nowadays it’s possible for wrestlers regularly working the indy circuit to gain a larger and more substantial fanbase online. Plus, some of the more successful indies have video distribution deals (i.e., Ring of Honor, River City Wrestling, IWA, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, etc.), giving them an additional source of income and allowing them greater exposure and reach to a larger audience outside of their local areas. Continue reading “What Is Independent Pro Wrestling….AND MEMES!”

Bus Homes, US-BBs, Game Tycoons & Bryan/Punk Memes – WIRed #63

This week on WIRed, we discuss an architecture grad’s school bus retrofitted into a tiny house, a USB-powered desktop BB rifle, ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ and it’s hilarious anti-piracy efforts, and my favorite Daniel Bryan/CM Punk memes!

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Since I know that it’s become clear that I enjoy LEGO, Sonic The Hedgehog, do-it-yourself projects, and indie games, I haven’t been secretive of my appreciation for professional wrestlers Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and Phillip Brooks (CM Punk — did that just blow your mind?).  Rather than just talking about a match, how about I show you in images how awesome these guys are? More after the break! Continue reading “And now…DANIEL BRYAN & CM PUNK MEMES!”

African Palladio, WiFi Moochers, BLOPS2 Memes & Starrcade – WIRed #23

The Future is SO BRIGHT……

This week on WIRed #23 (JORDAN!), Palladio’s architectural style found in AFRICA, WiFi moochers better beware, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 memes, and the brief story behind NWA Starrcade!   Continue reading “African Palladio, WiFi Moochers, BLOPS2 Memes & Starrcade – WIRed #23”

It’s Time for My Favorite “Call of Duty” Memes!

For the past few weeks, I have enjoyed the crap out of the newest entry in the popular Call of Duty video game series, Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  This is the first time I ever purchased a Call of Duty game on its initial date of release and played consistently online (PSN: KINGof210), as I typically buy some of the games used 1-2 years after its launch and concentrate on the single-player campaign, as I do not buy the newest version of CoD year-after-year (I only do that with the WWE games; I R Hyp-Oh-Crit, sorta).  Technically, this is the ninth game in the Call of Duty series, leaving the video game open to the wonderful and amazing world of internet memes.  Here are some of my favorites related to the series!   Continue reading “It’s Time for My Favorite “Call of Duty” Memes!”