Dang! We Could Have Built Homes from Bottles of Heineken!

It’s amazing what a little inspiration and a want to make the world a better place can result in.

Beer brewing magnate Alfred Heineken was visiting one of his companies in Curaçao in1960 when he noticed the location’s lack of affordable building materials and poor quality housing, and the beaches littered with his brewery’s beer bottles.  Mr. Heineken would experience a spark of genius when he figured that he could kill two birds with one stone (just a saying….maybe) and, with help from Dutch architect N. John Habraken, created a concept to design an emerald-green glass beer bottle for sale, that could later be reused as a structural building material.   Continue reading “Dang! We Could Have Built Homes from Bottles of Heineken!”

Louis Kahn Talks Honoring Materials…also to Bricks

My interest with architect Louis Kahn began with the documentary on his life by his son Nathaniel  “My Architect” (available here), and the after writing about the movie a few months ago (check it out here), I finally purchased the film on DVD from a local Blockbuster (yes, they’re still around…although this location was closing).  Anyways,the video above shows Louis Kahn lecturing to a group of graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania in 1971 about the importance of having respect for your building materials. Don’t worry, just because Mr. Kahn is recounting a conversation he had with a brick, doesn’t mean he’s crazy. Maybe.   Continue reading “Louis Kahn Talks Honoring Materials…also to Bricks”